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Maple Island - 1
New Edinburgh Park - 2
Kingsview Park - 3
Riverain Park - 4
Hurdman (Rideau River) Park - 5
Billings Bridge Park - 6
Vincent Massey Park - 7
Hog's Back Park - 8
Mooney's Bay - 9
Revelstoke Park & Area - 10
Airport Gravel Pit & Cottage Road - 11
Mosquito Creek at River Road - 12
Claudette Cain Park - 13
Nicholls Island - 14
Walter Upton Collins Park - 15
Rideau Forest - 16
W.A. Taylor Conservation Area - 17
Gideon Adams Park - 18
South Gower Boundary Road (Sod Farms) - 19
Sabourins Crossing Heronry - 20
Ferguson Forest Station - Kemptville - 21
Becketts Landing Road - 22
Murphy's Drain - 23
Burritts Rapids - 24

         This tour, a linear rather than a loop, can be combined with visits to other southeast areas or, by crossing one of the many bridges, with the Rideau River West Side linear tour. Many of the sites in this section are minor birding areas, worthy of only short visits. But some have produced many good birds over the years. The best birding areas on this tour are Vincent Massey Park and adjacent Hog's Back Park (especially in migration), the South Gower Boundary Road (Sod Farms) (summer and fall), and the Ferguson Forest Station in Kemptville (year-round potential).
         This tour begins near downtown Ottawa, a good place to drop off your non-birding family members for the day.

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Map of the Rideau River East Side Route - Please select a Site
Maple Island New Edinburgh Park Kingsview Park Riverain Park Hurdman (Rideau River) Park Billings Bridge Park Vincent Massey Park Hog's Back Park Mooney's Bay Revelstoke Park & Area Airport Gravel Pit & Cottage Road Mosquito Creek at River Road Claudette Cain Park Nicholls Island Walter Upton Collins Park Rideau Forest W.A. Taylor Conservation Area Gideon Adams Park South Gower Boundary Road (Sod Farms) Sabourins Crossing Heronry Ferguson Forest Station - Kemptville Becketts Landing Road Murphy's Drain Burritts Rapids

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