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Kingston Christmas Bird Count Summaries

       Over the years, various methods have been used to report count results to participants. Wayne Neily tried to create summaries that went a bit beyond the bare essentials in the reports. We hope to continue in this tradition. The reports list the species and numbers of birds seen as well as the participants, and a brief overview of the weather and notation of high and low counts and any unusual or rare sightings. Below are are listed the years, click on any to bring up the summary or report.

56th Kingston CBC Summary 2023-24

55th Kingston CBC Summary 2022-23

53rd Kingston CBC Report 2020-21

51st Kingston CBC Summary 2018-19

50th Kingston CBC Summary 2017-18

49th Kingston CBC Report 2016-17

48th Kingston CBC Report 2015-16

47th Kingston CBC Report 2014-15

46th Kingston CBC Report 2013-14

45th Kingston CBC Report 2012-13

44th Kingston CBC Report 2011-12

43rd Kingston CBC Report 2010-11

42nd Kingston CBC Report 2009-10

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