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Kingston Christmas Bird Count Data Tables

       The Kingston Christmas Bird Count keeps two main data tables. One representing the current year's compilation and a large table giving the cumulative results of the count from its inception in 1968 to the present.

Kingston Christmas Bird Count Compilations
       The original of this is an Excel table with three sheets, one each for Field Party Results, Feeder Observer Results and Totals, each enumerated by Zone. Each of these can be display individually by clicking on the appropriate link below.
Dec. 21, 2023:   Field Party Results   Feeder Observer Results   Overall Results

Dec. 23, 2022:   Field Party Results   Feeder Observer Results   Overall Results

Kingston Christmas Bird Count Results from 1968 to the Present
       The original of this is an Excel table with one large sheet. So it is a bit unwieldy to look at, but if you love numbers, it's definitely for you. It covers the entire period of the official Kingston Christmas Bird Count from 1968 to the present. If you slide far enough to the right you will find some level of occurrance numbers, such as number of counts seen on, average number per count, average number for the past 10 years, and high counts. The full table can be displayed by clicking on the link below.
Kingston CBC Results 1968 to the Present

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