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Kingston Christmas Bird Count Info & Forms

       Below are information sources regarding the Christmas Bird Count and forms used by count participants in the Kingston CBC area. There is also a car window sign to indicate you are taking part in the count. You can go to and/or download any of these by clicking on one of the 4 topics below: General Information about the Christmas Bird Count and the Kingston CBC in particular, information and forms for field parties, information and forms for feeder watchers, or information and forms for the compiler.

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General CBC Information
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Background Information

Field Party Information & Forms
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       The Kingston Christms Bird Count encourages field parties to use eBird, and in particular its Trip Report function, to record and report your sightings. Create a new checklist for each finite area, such as a road segment or trail or park, as you hopefully would in regular eBird reports; and Trip Reports will give you a shareable file at the end of the day that totals all your numbers and provides details regarding times and locations. This is great information for the compiler, especially where birds may have been seen in an adjacent zone. eBird checklists allow, indeed encourage, providing details of rare and unusual sighting, as well as addition of photos of same. This Trip Report can be shared with your fellow party members and, of course, your compiler. Having access to all the information on the Trip Report makes the compiling job much easier. There is a link to an interesting article on eBirding on CBCs below. There is also a link to an example Trip Report by Lyall Bouchard from the Dec. 17, 2022 Wolfville CBC.
       All that being said, you are still most welcome to use the Field Party Report Form provided below. Though not as efficient as the eBird Trip Report, it has worked well for years and will still work well.

Checklist for Field Party Leaders

Field Party Report Form

Official CBC Vehicle Sign

eBirding on Christmas Bird Counts article

Sample eBird Trip Report by Lyall Bouchard from the Wolfville CBC Dec. 17, 2022

Feeder Watcher Information & Forms
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Feeder Observer Instructions

Feeder Observer Report Form

Compiler Information & Forms
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Zone Summary

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