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         Independent Directions to this Site: From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 121A to Bronson Avenue. Avoid doing this during rushhour! Proceed SSE on Bronson 2.2 km to the entrance to Brewer Park. Turn left in the parking lot and go as far south as possible.
         Rideau River West Side Route Directions: From the north side of Billings Bridge, where you are parked, turn NNW onto Bank Street and drive 0.6 km to Sunnyside Avenue. Turn left or WSW onto Sunnyside and go 0.9 km to Sloan Avenue. Turn left or SSE onto Sloan and proceed 0.1 km to Hopewell Avenue. Turn left or northeast on it and go 0.1 km to Brewer Way. Turn right or SSE onto Brewer Way and go as far south as you are able in the Brewer Park parking area.
Map of the Brewer Park area
Map of the Brewer Park area
         Site Description and Birding Information: Brewer Park is a heavily used recreational area in summer, but nonetheless has some good birding potenial. There is a pond on the southeast corner of the park, adjacent the river, which sometimes attracts wandering herons and egrets in the spring. Waterfowl can be seen spring and fall, especially when the park is more quiet. During the warmer months, the city puts its clipped swans on this section of river. Around the pond and along the river, there is some weedy, scrubby habitat that attracts migrating sparrows.
         Just across the Rideau River, to the east, is Billings Bridge Park on the Rideau River East Side route.
         Rarities seen there include: Cattle Egret (Nov. 16, 1982 & May 16 - 17, 1990), Great Egret (Apr. 11, 1994), Caspian Tern (4 - July 7, 2004), Great Gray Owl (Jan. 26, 2005), Snowy Egret (Apr. 26, 2005), Great Egret (Apr. 22 - 28, 2006).
View of Brewer Park
View of Brewer Park
        Rideau River West Side Route Directions: From the Brewer Park parking area, turn right or NNW onto Bronson Avenue and drive 0.5 km to Sunnyside Avenue and the entrance of Carleton University campus on the left. Turn left or southwest into the campus on Sunnyside and go 0.2 km to University Avenue. Turn left or south onto University and proceed 0.7 km to where the street comes to the Rideau River. The 0.6 km stretch of University along the river is the focus for the next site on this route, Carleton University.
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