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Sites - Map References
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Green Island - 1
Porter Island - 2
Strathcona Park - 3
Billings Bridge - 4
Brewer Park - 5
Carleton University - 6
The Arboretum - 7
Fletcher Wildlife Garden - 8
Central Experimental Farm - 9
Moffatt Farm - 10
Nepean Creek Stormwater Facility - 11
Clearview Feeders - 12
Black Rapids - 13
Clarke Bellinger Environmental Facility - 14
Chapman Mills Conservation Area - 15
Lodge Road - 16
Jock River Landing - 17
Beyrl Gaffney Park - 18
Watson's Mill - 19
Hickman Conservation Area - 20
Steven and Cranberry Creek Mouths - 21
Baxter Conservation Area - 22
Rideau River Provincial Park - 23
         This tour, a linear rather than a loop, can be combined with visits to other southwest areas or, by crossing one of the many bridges, with the Rideau River East Side linear tour. Many of the sites in this section are minor birding areas, worthy of only short visits. But some have produced many good birds over the years. A favorite area on this tour is that encompassed by the three Central Experimental Farm sites: The Arboretum, Fletcher Wildlife Garden and the Central Experimental Farm proper. The first has fruit trees and feeders in winter, the second is a recent naturalization project now beginning to bear fruit (also has feeders), and the third has plowed and fallow fields that attract field birds near the city centre.
         This tour begins near downtown Ottawa, a good place to drop off your non-birding family members for the day.

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Map of the Rideau River West Side Route - Please select a Site
Green Island Porter Island Strathcona Park Billings Bridge Brewer Park Carleton University The Arboretum Fletcher Wildlife Garden Central Experimental Farm Moffatt Farm Nepean Creek Stormwater Facility Clearview Feeders Black Rapids Clarke Bellinger Environmental Facility Chapman Mills Conservation Area Lodge Road Jock River Landing Beyrl Gaffney Park Watson's Mill Hickman Conservation Area Steven and Cranberry Creek Mouths Baxter Conservation Area Rideau River Provincial Park

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