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Map of Ottawa River West: Quebec Route - Please Select a Site
Brewery Creek Hull to Val Tétreau Parc Brébeuf Taché Gardens Woods Champlain Bridge Champlain Park Woods Chaudière Area Rivermead/Baie Simard Lakeview Terrace Deschênes Rapids - Quebec Rue Lamoureux Chemin Fraser Wychwood Lac des Chênes Marina Queen's Park Chemin Terry-Fox Breckenridge Chemin de la Rivière Chemin de la Sapinière Chemin Parker Eardley Chemins Cochrane and River (de la Rivière) Quyon Norway Bay
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Brewery Creek - 1
Hull to Val Tétreau - 2
Parc Brébeuf - 3
Taché Gardens Woods - 4
Champlain Bridge - 5
Champlain Park Woods - 6
Chaudière Area - 7
Rivermead/Baie Simard - 8
Lakeview Terrace - 9
Deschênes Rapids - Quebec - 10
Rue Lamoureux - 11
Chemin Fraser - 12
Wychwood - 13
Lac des Chênes Marina - 14
Queen's Park - 15
Chemin Terry-Fox - 16
Breckenridge - 17
Chemin de la Rivière - 18
Chemin de la Sapinière - 19
Chemin Parker - 20
Eardley - 21
Chemins Cochrane and River (de la Rivière) - 22
Quyon - 23
Norway Bay - 24
        This tour, a linear rather than a loop, can be combined with visits to other northwest areas or, when the Woodridge - Quyon ferry is running, with the Ottawa River West - Ontario linear tour. For bikers and walkers there is a bicycle path from downtown Hull to Aylmer which passes through many of these sites. It is a excellent way to bird them. Highlights of this tour are Deschênes Rapids (for the river and migrants along it), Parc Brébeuf (for the river) and Lakeview Terrace (for winter feeders). The best viewing of the Deschênes Rapids is from this side of the river.
        This tour begins in downtown Hull. If you want to give the non-birding members of your family an interesting time while you're out birding, leave them here for the day to let them soak up the French-Canadian culture or visit the magnifique Canadian Museum of Civilization.
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