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        Independent Directions to this Site: From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 121A (Bronson Avenue). If you are headed east the off-ramp comes out on Bronson Avenue in 0.2 km where you will turn left or northwest onto Bronson. If you are westbound the off-ramp merges in 0.1 km with Catherine Street (one way) where you will get into the right lane. A further 0.1 km brings you to the light at Bronson Avenue where you will turn right or northwest onto Bronson Avenue. In either case you will now proceed 1.3 km to Slater Street. Turn right or northeast onto it. In 0.3 km you will have reached Lyon Street. Park somewhere near and walk northwest one block to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 101 Lyon Street at Albert.
        Ottawa River West: Ontario Route Directions: From Parliament Hill go southwest on Wellington Street 0.3 km to Lyon Street. Turn left or southeast onto Lyon Street (one way) and go 3 blocks (0.2 km) to Albert Street. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is here at 101 Lyon Street.
        Site Description and Birding Information: So, you're wondering why a hotel, eh. Well, to the Peregrine Falcons who now regularly nest there, it must look like good inaccessible cliff habitat. They lose some of their young to the adjacent mirror glass buildings, but still persist. The Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club monitors the nesting. Visit their site to learn more about Ottawa's Peregrine Falcon Watch, including the current watch and summaries of previous years' watches. Volunteers are needed each year to help keep watch and coordinate. See the Eco-News page for information on how to get involved. The birds have nested on the sheltered ledge near the top of the hotel since 1997, when it was known as the Citatel Ottawa. The location varies, but has usually been on the east side, more often toward the southern corner (five times) than the northern (twice). Once the nest was located in the northwest corner. In 2005, the nest is again active and is on the west side between the 2nd and 3rd column from the north end.
         Another species that is becoming difficult to find in Ottawa may also be seen (or at least heard) here. That is the Common Nighthawk, which comes out at dusk and hawks about all night for insects over the downtown area.
        Ottawa River West: Ontario Route Directions: When leaving go a further 0.2 km southeast on Lyon and turn right or southwest onto Laurier Avenue. Travel 0.1 km southwest along Laurier to Bay Street. Turn right or northwest onto Bay and in 0.3 km you will come to Wellington Street. Turn to the left or southwest onto Wellington Street and go 0.3 km to where the Ottawa River Parkway begins. Bear left onto the Parkway, following it westward for a further 1.5 km to River Street. You will pass the Lebreton Flats, an area subject to development in the near future. Turn right or northwest onto River Street. Park off the roadway short of the gate and proceed on foot north to the next site, Lemieux Island.
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Map of Crowne Plaza Hotel area
Map of Crowne Plaza Hotel area

Horizon: The Proud Mama
Horizon: The Proud Mama on June 18, 2002
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