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        Independent Directions to this Site: From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 118 (Nicholas Street). Avoid doing this during rushhour! Go northwest 1.8 km to Rideau Street and turn left or southwest onto it. In 0.3 km Sussex Drive will be on the right or northwest side. From the corner of Rideau Street and Sussex Drive, continue southwest or straight ahead on Rideau Street, which quickly becomes Wellington Street and reaches Parliament Hill 0.3 km beyond Sussex Drive.
        Ottawa River West: Ontario Route Directions: From Nepean Point Park return to Rideau Street via MacKenzie Avenue, parallel and to the southwest of Sussex Drive, going 0.3 km southeast on it. Then turn right or southwest to rejoin the main route. Proceed 0.3 km southwest on Rideau Street, which immediately becomes Wellington Street, and you have arrived at the seat of government for Canada, Parliament Hill.

Map of Parliament Hill area
Map of Parliament Hill area

        Site Description and Birding Information: There is a narrow strip of parkland between the buildings and the Ottawa River. If you work downtown or are unable to get farther afield, this is a spot worth checking for migrant landbirds. Across the street from the government buildings is an information centre for tourists. There one can obtain useful information and maps of some of the local trails. Security tightening has led to the closing off of this site to vehicles. So park where you are able near "The Hill" and walk around behind the Parliament Buildings. Wander the trails while your non-birding companions tour the Parliament Buildings. They are worth seeing.
        A current view of weather and people conditions at Parliament Hill can be had by viewing the government's own webcam of "The Hill"; proof positive that Big Brother is watching you. Of course, it's for your own safety and education (so says the Ministry of Truth).
View of Parliament Hill area
View of Parliament Hill

        Ottawa River West: Ontario Route Directions: When leaving turn right or southwest onto Wellington Street. Travel 0.3 km southwest along Wellington to Lyon Street. Turn left or southeast onto Lyon Street (one way) and proceed 0.3 km to the next site, at 101 Lyon Street, the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
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