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        Independent Directions to this Site: From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 113, bear left to get onto Regional Road 174 or old Highway 17. Proceed 13.6 km northeast on 174 to Trim Road (Regional 57). Turn right or SSE onto Trim and drive 3.7 km to Innes Road (Regional 30). Turn left or ENE on Innes and go 5.6 km to Dunning Road. Turn right or SSE onto it and proceed 4.4 km to the junction of Giroux & Dunning Roads. Turn right or WSW onto Giroux and pull off to scan the fields.
        Mer Bleue - French Hill Loop Route Directions: From the Giroux Road Quarry Ponds, continue ENE on Giroux Road for 2.4 km to the corner of Giroux & Dunning Roads. Be sure to scan the fields and perching trees along Giroux before reaching the corner.
Map of Giroux and Dunning Roads area.
Map of Giroux and Dunning Roads area
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        Site Description and Birding Information: The area depicted on the map above has extensive areas of farm fields shown in green. This kind of habitat is getting rather rare this near the city. While it is still here, the avid birder can search the fields for those species that need or prefer such agricultural areas. This area is particularly good for winter raptors, such as Red-tailed and Rough-legged Hawks and, that big fan favourite, the Snowy Owl. Nearly every winter, at least one of these magnificent birds sets up a hunting territory somewhere in this general area. Some winters bring several birds.
View from the Junction of Giroux & Dunning Roads
View from the Junction of Giroux & Dunning Roads

         The view from the junction of Dunning and Giroux Roads allows the scanning of a large expanse of fields. Check field edges and isolated trees for perching raptors. Watch the fields themselves for Gray Partridge, Horned Larks, Snow Buntings and maybe even Lapland Longspurs.
        Mer Bleue - French Hill Loop Route Directions: From the junction of Giroux & Dunning Roads, go NNW on Dunning 1.3 km to Regimbald Road. Turn right or ENE on it and drive 1.3 km to the next site on this loop, the junction of Sarsfield and Regimbald Roads. Pull off on Regimbald, near the corner, to scan the fields.
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