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Poem of the Month - March 2005
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In Albion Daylight
from Scissor Paper Woman

Everything went
white over-
in the nuclear flash

& these are the words of one collapsed
who afterwards grown cancerous
confined to bed
wrote in a stainless steel hospital
cabinet copy of Albion Daylight:

In this journal '&' is the hub
and the man loves the woman
because the woman loves the man
because love is eternal
there is no cause

everything simply proceeds

& in that light
the pure light of radical thought
which settles on the hawthorn
each twig ignites and the whole tree lifts
its thousand orange-hearted
white candle blooms to the wind

from faroff it's Yahweh's fiery cloud
signal for reverence obedience fear
and at last your feet track holy ground

you know your feet at last track holy ground

& in that journal it is always now
but always soon to be winter
deep frozen blackness
when even the steamy-breathed animals sleep

& the dark breeding terror
awakens what must ever after
be illumined by the present
fires of the unforgotten

& in that book the warning stands written
that I would not nor you
survive the failure of love

there is an entry under 'surrender'
how it must be total remember
the battle we waged to establish
whose was the more steadfast
refusal of happiness

& then how we had to forgive

on this page floats our cabin home

anchorless in air adrift
on hazed blue -- smoke or mist
which daylight at daybreak shall cleave

& the motes there circulating catch
the sun shafts of molecular imagination
which flashing gift for magnification
never can know boredom

roll the pages with your thumb
feel the wind soft on your skin
heart's doe
swishing through bracken

& it's sunset now
blazing that glory
train passing through town
all its flatcars freighted
down with gold each bearing one
eternity at a time

& that wind gently raising
each hair on your arm
blowing where it listeth (I told you
it was breath) -
speaks the holy language

you hear it and laugh
& once you have read what you find
in that journal you change

see how I have become
the one who survived her own death
and it was nothing

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