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Scissor, Paper, Woman
Penumbra Press, 2000

Scissor, Paper, Woman, 2000

Scissor, Paper, Woman
Published by Penumbra Press
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Order Info: Penumbra Press, Box 940,
Manotick, Ontario, Canada  K4M 1A8
or Penumbra Press Online
Phone: (613) 692-5590   Fax: (613) 692-5589
14 x 22.2 cm, 80 pages, ISBN 1-894131-01-0, $16.95, 2000

This extraordinary collection from Ottawa's Marianne Bluger, a poet of growing international stature, shines with the clarity, intensity, and precision of image that are the hallmarks of her unique style.

Louis Dudek writes: "very fine -- every poem rings like a bell... this book is... imaginative, profound, and deeply moving."

Diana Hartog: "Marianne Bluger has a purity of spirit that shines through her very original poetry. Read 'The Zen Master's Wife' and be shocked by the psychic violence of her images, and stunned by the beauty of their resolution. Read 'Nude With Scar' to confront the stainless steel truth 'which always was / the dire joy of the Greeks.' Read Marianne Bluger. She's the real thing."

George Johnston: "Marianne Bluger has been a favorite poet for more years than I can now remember, and she has just produced a new collection that seems as spirited, quirky and full hearted as ever. Many poets can move me but I cannot think of another poet who moves me to laughter and tears, often together, in quite the way she does."

Christopher Wiseman: "It's the images and depth and modesty and dignity and sheer humanity that distinguishes Bluger."

Her seventh volume of poetry and second with Penumbra Press, Scissor, Paper, Woman is Marianne Bluger's sharpist poetic read to date. It tells all.


Selections from Scissor, Paper, Woman:
In the Alley       Izumi Shikibu       in April

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