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Hampton Park - 1
Clyde Woods & Quarry - 2
Pinecrest Creek South - 3
Centrepointe Park - 4
Crestview Greenspace - 5
Pinecrest Cemetery - 6
Frank Ryan Park - 7
Pinecrest Creek North - 8

         These western Ottawa sites are all important green spaces within the city's urban area. Three are parks that have retained some wooded habitat, one a new park, one a well-treed cemetery, one a strip of unused land along a railway, and two part of a green corridor along the transitway and creek. Easy access is provided through excellent and well-maintained trails through the parks, a bike path along the corridor, trails through the unused strip of greenspace, and roads through the cemetery. Clyde Woods, partly because so many birders lived near it, has been very productive over the years. These are areas that city dwellers can reach easily without their own car.
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Map of the Ottawa West Park Loop - Please select a Site
Hampton Park Clyde Woods & Quarry Pinecrest Creek South Centrepointe Park Crestview Greenspace Pinecrest Cemetery Frank Ryan Park Pinecrest Creek North

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