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Map of Ottawa River East: Quebec - Please select a Site
Parc de la Baie Kettle Island Parc du Lac Beauchamp Baie McLaurin Gatineau Airport Marais des Laîches West Marais des Laîches East Marais aux Grenouillettes Baie Carpentier and Petite Baie Clément Baie Clément Masson Sewage Lagoons Masson Ferry Dock Chemin Wilfred-Lépine La Ferme Soleil Baie de Lochaber Marais aux Massettes Thurso Settling Pond Thurso Marsh (Marais Perras) Thurso Marsh (Marais Perras) Overlook Baie Noire West Overlook Baie Noire Plaisance Sector Grande & Petite Presqu'île

        This tour, a linear rather than a loop, can be combined with visits to other northeast areas. The Masson - Cumberland ferry, when operating, provides a shortened loop with the Ottawa River East - Ontario route. Some of the sites in the Ottawa River East - Quebec section are worth exploring in depth. Quebec Parks and Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited and the North American Waterfowl Management Plan have combined forces to bring us the Rivière des Outaouais Wildlife Area, extending from Gatineau to Lochaber. And the newly created Plaisance Provincial Park, or in French, Parc national de Plaisance, extends 22.5 km from Thurso to beyond the Presqu'îles. During waterfowl migrations, extensive fields at sites like Marais aux Grenouillettes and La Ferme Soleil can be filled with geese. And marshy sites like Marais aux Grenouillettes, Thurso Marsh, Baie Noire West and the Presqu'îles are gems that should not be missed.
        This tour begins near downtown Hull, a good place to drop off your non-birding family members for the day. There they will be able to get a taste of French-Canadian culture and life.
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Sites - Map References
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Parc de la Baie - 1
Kettle Island - 2
Parc du Lac Beauchamp - 3
Baie McLaurin - 4
Gatineau Airport - 5
Marais des Laîches West - 6
Marais des Laîches East - 7
Marais aux Grenouillettes - 8
Baie Carpentier and Petite Baie Clément - 9
Baie Clément - 10
Masson Sewage Lagoons - 11
Masson Ferry Dock - 12
Chemin Wilfred-Lépine - 13
La Ferme Soleil - 14
Baie de Lochaber - 15
Marais aux Massettes - 16
Thurso Settling Pond - 17
Thurso Marsh (Marais Perras) - 18
Thurso Marsh (Marais Perras) Overlook - 19
Baie Noire West Overlook - 20
Baie Noire - 21
Plaisance Sector - 22
Grande & Petite Presqu'île - 23

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