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Map of Ottawa River East: Ontario Route
Rockcliffe Park West Rockcliffe Park East Beechwood Cemetery and John Macoun Marsh Former CFB Rockcliffe Airbase Woods Upper & Lower Duck Islands Mouth of Green's Creek Teal Cove Marshes Petrie Islands Becketts Creek Bird Sanctuary Rockland Sewage Lagoon Wendover
        This tour, a linear rather than a loop, can be combined with visits to other southeast areas or, when the Rockland - Thurso ferry is running, with the Ottawa River East - Quebec linear tour. Some of the sites in this section are worth exploring in depth. During migrations, sites like Petrie Islands and Green's Creek Conservation Area could be birded daily with reasonable hope of something different each time.
        This tour begins near downtown Ottawa, a good place to drop off your non-birding family members for the day.

Sites - Map References

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Rockcliffe Park West - 1
Rockcliffe Park East - 2
Beechwood Cemetery and John Macoun Marsh - 3
Former CFB Rockcliffe - 4
Airbase Woods - 5
Upper & Lower Duck Islands - 6
Mouth of Green's Creek - 7
Teal Cove Marshes - 8
Petrie Islands - 9
Becketts Creek Bird Sanctuary - 10
Rockland Sewage Lagoon - 11
Wendover - 12

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