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Tamarack & Clearcut
Carleton University Press, 1997

Tamarack and Clearcut

Tamarack and Clearcut
Published by Carleton University Press
Haiku by Marianne Bluger
Photographs by Rudi Haas
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Order Info: available through
General Distribution Services,
325 Humber College Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 7C3
28 x 21.5 cm, 96 pages, ISBN 0-88629-293-X, $32.95, 1997

Tamarack & Clearcut is the result of a collaboration between two artists of rare gifts. In it, a series of photographs of huge and original impact moves in tandem with a powerful sequence of imagist poems. As you savour these images, visual and poetic, you become increasingly sensitized to the city, that hub of human habitation, as it exists in its particular natural setting. This book chronicles the deep and necessarily abiding connection between urbanites and their natural world. Although the place is Ottawa, the truths and beauties it illuminates are universal, for here, as everywhere, it is the earth itself that nurtures us.

George Johnston in a review in Books in Canada said of this book, "... its substance will reward proportionally any amount of serious attention, both visual and thoughtful, that may be given to it."

Selections from Tamarack & Clearcut:
Haiku Selection #1       Haiku Selection #2

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