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On Nights Like This
Brick Books, 1984

On Nights Like This, 1984

On Nights Like This
Published by Brick Books
431 Boler Road, Box 20081,
London, Ontario, Canada  N6K 4G6
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Order Info: Kitty Lewis, General Manager
Tel: 519-657-8579 (brick.books@sympatico.ca)
13.3 x 20.9 cm, 40 pages, ISBN 0-919626-25-4, $6.95, 1984

Although On Nights Like This is a slim volume, it is an exciting collection nonetheless. Bluger's strengths can be located in her attention to the twin energies of form and content in verse. Her writing communicates an accurate understanding of what it is that makes a poem a poem. Each word, each phrase, each line economically reiterates the notion that nothing can be added, nothing can be subtracted, nothing can be rearranged. You burn me - Sappho  is one example of Bluger's impressive gifts:
The tenderest blades unsinged,
there hangs in the air
no smoke from the blaze of an autumn.
But here in the shade of birches
to think of you suddenly
scorches my skin.
Bluger sticks close to poetic bone throughout On Nights Like This. Whether she examines natural phenomena or illuminates human nature, it is abundantly clear that a powerful sensibility is at work in these poems.

(From a review by Judith Fitzgerald, a Toronto poet and freelance writer, in the Toronto Star, 1984.)

Selections from On Nights Like This:
The Hunt       Poem of Winter

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