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Nude with Scar
Penumbra Press, 2006

Nude with Scar, 2005

Nude with Scar
Published by Penumbra Press
12.6 x 22.2 cm, 112 pages, ISBN 1-894131-93-2, $19.95
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Comprising all of her previously unpublished poetry she thought fit, Nude with Scar is Marianne Bluger's final book of poems. Carefully edited by herself, her husband Larry Neily and her good friend and fellow poet Ronnie Brown, the book is representative of the various forms in which Marianne's previous ten books are written, including haiku, tanka, and lyrics.

Marianne's verse is always personal; we get to know her wants and wishes, hurts and sorrows, pleasures and ecstasies. And through her insight we also gain access to universal principles of life and living, death and dying. Marianne is an honest poet; she doesn't hold back. She is direct and cheeky when she needs to be, and she is sentimental and weepy when the mood is right. Ultimately she demonstrates that faith in poetry is itself a form of salvation, neither just a temporary reprieve from the madness that swirls around our everyday lives, nor an escape into self-pity.

In life, Marianne Bluger was quietly passionate about helping others, both in spirit and in act. Her poetry reveals a similar instinct for offering advice, meddling here and pronouncing there. Completed a month before her death, Nude with Scar rewards us over and over again.

With her husband, the well-known birder, Larry Neily, Bluger lived in Ottawa where she worked on this collection of lyric portraits up to the time of her death. Nude with Scar was her eleventh book of poems.

Selections from Nude with Scar:
The Magnet       Not Lost

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