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Early Evening Pieces
Buscheck Books, 2003

Early Evening Pieces, 2003

Early Evening Pieces
Published by Buscheck Books, 2003
13.8 x 21.6 cm, 82 pages, ISBN 1-894543-14-9, $15.00
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This, Marianne Bluger's eighth volume of poetry and first with Buscheck Books, Early Evening Pieces was published in the spring of 2003.

"These are poems where you see, hear, taste with the heart, with everything you are. Haiku of a whole person." Rod Willmot

"Her attention to detail, her Zen depths, her embracing of the world of nature and humanity, all these set Bluger's poems apart." Sanford Goldstein

"It's the images and depth and modesty and dignity and insight and sheer humanity that distinguish Bluger." Christopher Wiseman

"Marianne Bluger has a purity of spirit that shines through her very original poetry." Diana Hartog

"Marianne Bluger's haiku compress human experience into brillant, flawless poetic gems that sparkle in your mind long after each reading." Ronnie Brown

Selections from Early Evening Pieces:
Haiku Selection #1       Haiku Selection #2

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