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Dear Listers’ Corner subscribers,
In an attempt to standardize the reporting of local area lists, the following list is provided as a reference for reporting areas. Only those places whose boundaries are not intuitive are included. If you can add any places or update this table, please do so. By adhering to these standards we can fairly compare our lists. Who knows, maybe there are some areas that you have a reportable list for and didn’t even know it!
Modified from Burke Korol's note (Listers’ Corner compiler from 1996 to 2004)


Name in Data Form




Description of Reporting Area






100 Mile House

Williams Lake Checklist

Roberts & Gebauer



Blackie Spit

Wayne Weber, pers. comm.

No published checklist


That part of the City of Surrey south of the Nicomekl River, west of 132nd Street, and north of 24th Ave. This includes Crescent Park and Crescent Beach as well as Blackie Spit.  This may not be the same boundaries used by Jo Ann and Hue MacKenzie.

Creston Valley

Creston Valley Checklist of Birds

L.M. Van Damme


Kootenay River Valley south of Kootenay Lake, bounded by the height of land and the USA

Iona Island

Bird Checklist: Iona Island

R. Toochin


Iona Beach Regional Park, Iona Island including the immediate waters around the Iona South Jetty, the North Arm Jetty, a portion of the North Arm of the Fraser River, McDonald Slough, and the Iona-Sea Island Causeway.


Kamloops Bird Checklist

R. Howie


50o-51oN to 120o-121oW

Nicola Valley

Wayne Weber, pers. comm.

No published checklist


The drainage basin of the Nicola River (7280 km2).  It overlaps extensively with the Kamloops Bird Checklist.

Okanagan Valley

Checklist of the Birds of the Okanagan Valley

D. Cannings, C. Siddle and C. Charlesworth


Okanagan Valley drainage basin in Canada and the Similkameen Valley south of Keremeos

Peace River

Dawson Creek & area bird checklist

M. Phinney



Prince George

The birds of North-Central B.C.

Prince George Naturalists Club


Area around Prince George extending north to McLeod Lake, west to Fort Fraser, south to the Cottonwood River and east to Dome Creek

Semiahmoo Peninsula

Mike Newey, pers. comm.



It is clearly geographically defined as bounded by  the Nicomeckl River to the North, Highway 99 to the East, and the US border to the South. It includes birding spots such as White Rock Pier, Peace Arch & Semiahmoo Indian Reserve, Crescent Park, Blackie Spit and Elgin Heritage Park.


Checklist of Vancouver Birds

R. Toochin


Greater Vancouver and vicinity from International Boundary (but including Point Roberts, WA) north to 49o35’N, west to Georgia Strait and Howe Sound, east to 288th St., Abbotsford and all of Golden Ears Park


Checklist of Birds – Victoria and Southeastern Vancouver Island, BC

B.R. Gates


South from 49oN at Ladysmith and East from 123o50W at Ladysmith and Otter Point including the Canadian Gulf Islands and waters to the United States border.

West Kootenays

Checklist of West Kootenay Birds

G.S. Davidson


Area bounded by Grand Forks, Trail Creston and Kootenay, Trout and Arrow lakes.







Birds of the Athabasca Region

Friends of the Athabasca Environmental Association and Crooked Creek Conservancy Society of Athabasca


Area roughly bounded by Fawcett Lake, Corrigall Lake, Long Lake Provincial Park and Jarvie, centred on the town of Athabasca

Beaverhill Lake

Calendar of Birds at Beaverhill Lake

R. Fairweather




Check-list of the Birds of the Calgary Region

W.W. Smith, D.M .Collister, D. Elphinstone, H.W. Pinel, C.R. Wershler and R.M.Wershler


An area within an 80.5 km radius, centred on the Centre Street bridge over the Bow River, downtown Calgary.  The checklist area boundaries are currently under review.  In the interim, this will be the standard used.


Birds of the Edmonton Area

G.R.A. Ebel


An area within an 80.5 km radius, from the centre of Edmonton

Cold Lake










Candle Lake

B. Korol



Area bounded by Hwy. 120, Snowfield Road, Hanin Creek, Candle Lake and Minowukaw Beach Road.  It also includes the Round Hill fire tower and access road.

Cypress Hills

NTS Mapsheet 72F



49o-50oN to 108o-110oW

The Elbow

Birds of the Elbow

J.F. Roy


Large area centred on the the ‘elbow’ of the South Saskatchewan River between Cabri and Outlook.

Last Mountain Lake and Stalwart National Wildlife Areas

Checklist of Last Mountain Lake and Stalwart National Wildlife Areas

Ross Dickson CWS


The checklist area is bordered on the west by Highway 2, on the north by Highway 15, and on the east by Highway 20. On the east side of the lake the south border runs from Cymric (on highway 20) west to Arlington Beach and on the west side of the lake the south border runs along Township road 26-0 from the north side of Big Arm Bay west to Highway 2.


Birds of Regina



The area covered is a circle 48 km in diameter, with the provincial Legislature building as its centre, and includes the city of Regina and surrounding farmland.



Saskatoon Area Birds – A Seasonal Checklist

Saskatoon Nature Society


51o30’-52o30’N to 106o00’-107o30’W







A Birder’s Guide to Churchill

B. Chartier


No official checklist, but the guide provides a species list and area covered.  It basically includes anywhere that can be accessed by road or foot from the town of Churchill (i.e. up to about 35 km from town), plus what can be seen from shore over the bay (which is technically Nunavut).

Delta Marsh

Birds of the Delta Marsh

C.W. Cuthbert and R.E. Jones


South end of Lake Manitoba east of Hwy. 242, north of Hwy 227, west of Hwy. 430, north of Hwy 411 and west of Hwy. 6.

East Lake Winnipeg





Gladstone Latilong




50o-51oN to 98o-99oW

Northwest Angle Region


R.S. Ferguson, National Museum of Canada


The Northwest Angle Provincial Forest, Whitemouth Lake, South Junction, Sprague, Middlebro and down to the U.S. border.  May also include everything up to the eastern boundary of Sandilands Provincial Forest.

Southeastern Manitoba

Birder’s Guide to Southeastern Manitoba

N.J. Cleveland, S. Edie, G.D. Grieef, G.E. Holland, R.F. Koes, J.W. Maynard, W.P. Neily, P. Taylor and R. Tkachuk


Area bounded on the south by the USA border (49o00’N), on the east by the Ontario border, on the north by 51o00’N and on the west by 98o45’W.

Southwestern Manitoba

Birder’s Guide to Southwestern Manitoba

C.W. Cuthbert, J.I. Horton, M.W. McCowan, B.G. Robinson and N.G. Short


Area bounded on the south by the USA border (49o00’N), on the west by the Saskatchewan border, on the north by 51o00’N and on the east by 98o45’W.

Stonewall Latilong




50o-51oN to 97o-98oW

Selkirk Latilong




50o-51oN to 96o-97oW


R. Parsons, G. Grieef and R. Koes, pers. comm.



No published checklist.  Local birders use various areas (e.g., city limits; the area within the Perimeter Highway; or a large area adjacent to the city).

Winnipeg Latilong




49o-50oN to 97o-98oW

Winnipeg River

R. Parsons, pers. comm.



No published checklist, but it includes lands within 8 km of either side of the river, excluding Agassiz Provicial Forest.  It includes Whiteshell Provincial Park.







Checklist of the Birds of the Hamilton Area

R. Dobos, R. Curry, M. Jennings, W. Lamond and K. McLaughlin


Within a 40.2 km radius of Dundurn Castle, Hamilton.


Kingston Bird Checklist

Kingston Field Naturalists Rare Birds Committee


Within a 50 km radius of MacDonald Park, Kingston.


Ian Platt and Barry Attridge, pers. comm.

McIlwraith Bird Club


No city checklist, but some birders use the 1996 Middlesex County list.

Long Point

A Seasonal Checklist of the Birds of the Long Point Area

V. Fazio, I. Richards and R. Ridout


The whole of Long Point and an area of the mainland bounded roughly by Hwy. 24 and the Port Ryerse Road on the east, Haldimand/Norfolk Regional Road 1 on the north, Haldimand/Norfolk Regional Road 28 to the west and the waters of Lake Erie to the south.

North Bay

A Seasonal Checklist of the Birds of North Bay and Vicinity

Nipissing Naturalists Club


This area extends in a 50 mile radius from the centre of North Bay.

Rondeau Area

Checklist of Birds Rondeau Provincial Park and Area

P.A. Woodliffe


Corresponds with the Rondeau Christmas Bird Count circle, and includes such locations as the Blenheim Sewage Lagoons and Erieau.

Tommy Thompson Conservation Area




Also known as the Leslie St. Spit, Toronto.


Greater Toronto Area Bird Checklist

G. Coady and R.B.H. Smith


Includes the regional municipalities of Halton, Peel, York, Durham and the City of Toronto.









Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club Birds Committee


A 50-km circle centred on the Peace Tower in Ottawa






Bark Lake

P. Mitchell, pers. comm.



No published chekclist; A 10-km long lake in the Laurentians, 120 km north of Montreal

Brome Lake

Ilay Ferrier, pers. comm.



No published checklist, but it is the CBC Circle

Ile Perot

P. Mitchell, pers. comm.



An island west of the island of Montreal

La Baie

G. Savard, pers. comm.



City Limit


P. Mitchell, pers. comm.



James Bay area, south to Val D’Or


Birds of Monreal

P. Bannon, M. McIntosh, B. Barnhurst and H. Ouellet


Area bounded on north by Hwys 148, 158, 40 and 138; on the east by Hwys 55, 132, 20 and 133; on the south by the USA border and on the west by the Ontario border.






Quebec City

Daniel St-Hilaire, pers. comm.



Area within a 50 km radius of the Château Frontenac

Quebec City Region

Olivier Barden, pers. comm..

Club des Ornithologues de Québec (COQ)


Encompasses most of Capitale-Nationale region and roughly half of Chaudière-Appalaches region, borders as defined by the Club des Ornithologues de Québec (COQ).

Saguenay/Lac St-Jean

Liste annotée des oiseaux du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

G. Savard and C. Cormier













Acadian Peninsula

The Acadian Peninsula Bird Checklist

M. Chiasson


The region from Pokeshaw to Neguac.






Hartlen Point

B. Maybank, pers. comm.



A peninsula, bordered to the west by Halifax Harbour, to the east by Cow Bay Lake (Pond) and Cow Bay, and to the north by Route #322, the Cow Bay Road.  It includes the following sites: Hartlen Point Golf Course and the land between golf course and the shoreline, Fisherman's Landing, the Tallahassee School Grounds, Shore Drive and offshore waters.  It includes Devil's Isl., but not Lawlor's Isl.






Codroy Valley





St. John’s






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