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prepared by Wayne P. Neily
R. R. # 6, Kingston, Nova Scotia    B0P 1R0

        Most persons known having the surname NEILY or NEILEY in North America, and some NEELYs in the U.S.A., about 1000 in total, are from the same common immigrant ancestors, Joseph and Mary Neily, who came from the north of Ireland to Nova Scotia about 1765, settling in Annapolis County about 1768. They were Protestant and are sometimes described as 'Scotch-Irish', but I have found no identifiable records for them yet in Ireland (or in Scotland). These are our ancestors and their lines are the subject of most of these notes.

        However, nearly all NEILLYs, NEALYs, NEALLYs, NEALLEYs, NEELEYs and most NEELYs are from different immigrant ancestors, notably: Joseph Andrew and Margaret Nealley, "Scotch-Irish" Presbyterians from Bellecarry, County Derry, who settled in New Hampshire in 1728; Thomas and Agnes Neely, from Ulster, who settled in Chester Co., Pennsylvania before 1730, leaving descendants in that state and the Carolinas; and James and Ann Neely, and James' brother Edward and his wife Susanna (Goldsmith) Neely who both came to New York from Co. Galway before 1766, and soon moved to Virginia and Kentucky. More information on some of these lines is available at A son of Henry and Elizabeth, William, was with the Robertson party that crossed the Cumberland Mountains during the American Revolution, planted a field of corn on what is now the city of Nashville, and built Fort Nashborough nearby. He then brought out his family, arriving there in April 1780, settling on a bend of the Cumberland River still known as Neely's Bend. He did not long enjoy it, but was killed by natives allied with British forces in July or August of that year, and his daughter Mary was captured. See Walker (1996) for more details.

        All these and other spellings are pronounced as though spelled "Neely" and that appears to be the commonest spelling of the name in Ireland. Some other students (Symonds, n.d., and Neely, 1959) have concluded that the Thomas Neely who went to Pennsylvania from Ulster before 1730 was the Thomas O'Neill mentioned in O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees as a son of Art O'Neill of the royal house of Ulster who emigrated to America, but I do not know of the basis for this conclusion.

        For our own NEILY immigrant family, little documented information is available. Mr. William A. Calnek collected information on pioneer families of Annapolis County, N.S. in the period 1870-1892, and these were organized and edited by Judge Alfred W. Savary with the help of William E. Chute and published (at least the first two generations) as part of Calnek's History of the County of Annapolis five years after the author's death. Calnek's original notes and manuscript are preserved at the library of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in Boston, and additional material that they contain has been transcribed with comments by Walker (2007).

        Calnek's History indicates that the immigrant Joseph Neily was born "in the north of Ireland", that the family arrived in Nova Scotia about 1765, spent some time near Windsor, where one of them worked for John Clark and married his daughter Jane, and some of them moved to Annapolis Co. (Wilmot Twp.) in 1768. Calnek's ms. describes Joseph's Wilmot lot as “the farm next east of the Wilmot Church.” It also states that Joseph's family in 1768 “consisted of himself, wife, and one child, and he then had 20 head of cattle and had improved fifteen acres on his lot number thirty-four”. Calnek's source for this is not given, but it sounds as though it was from a land grant petition which we have not yet relocated. His wife and child would have been Mary and Rebecca, suggesting that John, and perhaps Joseph, Jr., were still in Windsor. The ms. also notes that in 1768 Robert, unmarried, was on the adjacent lot 35, owned four head of cattle, and had improved ten acres. "Joseph Kneely" was officially granted the 440 acres of lot 34 of Wilmot, extending from the Annapolis River north to Lily Lake, on 10 December 1774 by Governor Francis Legge, the same date as grants to his neighbours Francis and William Burns. Joseph (Sr.) died in 1777, leaving his wife Mary and three sons and two daughters. His will (Appendix 1) is well worth reading for the glimpse it provides into their life and beliefs. We do not know where Joseph or Mary, or any of their children except Martha, are buried.

        Unfortunately, Calnek and Savary rather badly mixed up the Joseph and John Neilys, and it was not until the wills were found in the N.S. Archives, that we were able to correct this (Neily, 1986). That of Joseph, Sr., (1777) appears to be the oldest surviving will from the Wilmot Township. A clarification of the first two generations follows. This is based mainly on the wills of Joseph, Sr. (1777) and John (1821), land grants and some information from Calnek and Savary. In the first generation it may be that Martha should be third or fourth instead of fifth. Few birth dates are known, so sequences are uncertain, based on things such as marriage dates, order mentioned in will, etc.

Generation 1

N1   Joseph NEILY *   m.  Mary _____?__, had children as follows:

N2-1   Robert NEILY - No clear evidence of marriage or descendants beyond Calnek ms. comment below; he was principal heir and executor of his father's 1777 will; a land grant map of 1770 shows a grant for him beside his father's, but it was later (1787) granted to Timothy Saunders, and Calnek (1897) indicates that Robert moved to Walton, Hants Co. Calnek's original ms. states that “Robert occupied an adjoining lot” (to Joseph's) “in 1768, but afterwards settled in the district afterwards known as Walton, Hants County, where he married and where many of his offspring still reside.” No further N.S. records for him have been found, but a Robert Neily appears in some Québec records in the early 1800’s; a Robert Neely from County Tyrone who petitioned for land in Upper Canada in 1819 was probably a different one.

N2-2   John NEILY, b. 1745? m. Jane CLARK - These are the ancestors of nearly all Neilys and Neileys known from subsequent generations (about 1900 descendants and spouses known). Although he received only ten shillings from his father's will, the property being divided between Robert and Joseph, he somehow ended up with the land and home. It may be that he was already well-to-do from his years of working for the wealthy landowner John Clark and marrying his daughter, or that he received (?purchased) a share of the land grant while his father was living.

N2-3   Joseph NEILY m ? - Known only from his father's will, but the presence of one or two Neilys in Annapolis Co. in the early 1800s who were not children of Joseph, Sr., nor of John and Jane, suggest that he may have married and had at least one child. He may well have been older than John. It is possible that he took the name McNeily and became the progenitor of a family of that name at Margaretsville, N.S. Some of their children switched back and forth between Neily and McNeily, and one, Lemuel Morton Neily, moved to Ontario, and has left Neily descendants across Canada and the U.S.A.

N2-4   Rebeccah NEILY - Known only from her father's will. The fact that the will makes no special provision for her or Martha (each gets just the token 10 shillings) suggests that she may have been married.

N2-5   Martha NEILY, b. 1750? m. 1) James REAGH   2) Timothy SAUNDERS - After arriving with the family in 1765, Martha stayed with her "newly wedded" husband (married before coming to N.S.), Belfast native James Reagh, on a farm that he bought in the Ardoise Hills, on the old Halifax Road. According to Calnek's ms., he opened a public house or tavern there, had four children, and “died of rheumatic fever consequent upon the exposure and over exertion in 'breaking roads', leaving his widow and children in very straightened circumstances”. After his death, about 1780, she and the four children rejoined her mother and brothers (and sister?) in Wilmot. Robert's land grant (lot 35) was taken over by New England Planter Timothy Saunders, and it was granted to him 5 April 1787. By 1790 the widow Martha had married this neighbour. She had eleven children, producing over 2700 descendants and spouses through the Reagh and Saunders lines. She may have been third of the children, but is named last in the will. The 1750 birthdate is from her restored gravestone in Greenwood Village.

        * This is the most widely used spelling for the name, although it was "Neiley" in Joseph, Sr.'s will, "Kneely" on his land grant, and probably "Neely" (as it is pronounced) in Ireland; Joseph, Sr., could not write, so there was a good chance that it changed from the original. Some of the "North Kingston Neilys" , notably George (N4-2-5-4), Inglis (N4-2-5-7), William Wallace (N5-2-5-8-3), and William M. (N4-2-5-9) adopted the spelling "Neiley", generally followed by their descendants, and another branch, descended from George E. Neily (N5-2-5-1-4), uses "Neely". The spellings "Nealy", "Neilly", and other forms are often found in documents or directories, but , as far as I know, were not used by members of this family.

Generation 2

N2-2   John NEILY, b. 1745? m. (?~1772) Jane CLARK, b. ~1748, had children:

N3-2-1     Margaret NEILY, b. ~1773,
N3-2-2     Jane NEILY, b. ~1776,
N3-2-3     Joseph NEILY, b. 18 Mar. 1778/9,

N3-2-4     John "Jack" NEILY, b. 1779/80,

N3-2-5     Mary NEILY, b. ~1781,
N3-2-6     William NEILY, b. 1782?,
N3-2-7     Robert NEILY, b. Oct. 1784,

N3-2-8     George NEILY, b.1786?

N3-2-9     Peter NEILY, b. ~1790,
N3-2-10   Frances NEILY, b. ~1792,
m. 1) (1795) Robert MUMFORD; m. 2) (1800) John TRUESDALL;
m. (1802) John WEST;
m. (1805) Catharine DURLAND
(ancestors of "Middleton Neilys");
m. (1803) Elizabeth DURLAND
(ancestors of "Kingston & Tremont Neilys");
m. 1) (1804) Joab BAKER; m. 2) John LEADBETTER;
m. (18??) Rachel FALES;
m. 1) (1807) Sophia MORSE; m. 2) (1851) Elizabeth (GOUCHER) GATES
(ancestors of "Nictaux, Bridgetown, & Torbrook Neilys");
m. 1) (1812) Elizabeth GATES; m. 2) (1826?) Catherine WALKER
(ancestors of "Aylesford Neilys");
m. (1811) Ann WILSON (to New Brunswick?);
m. (1812) Zebina ROACH.

        John married Jane, daughter of of John and Lydia (Green) Clark(e), pioneer settlers of the Windsor, N.S., area, who reportedly came to that area from the north of Ireland with one of Alexander McNutt's settlement expeditions about 1761. Jane's brother John Clark came to own extensive properties in what is now Hants County, and, judging from the records pertaining to him in the land registry, must have acted something like a modern real estate agent, as well as being involved in the gypsum trade.

        John and Jane Neily lived on his father's land grant in Brooklyn (Lower Middleton), Annapolis Co. (Wilmot Township), where they continued the work of developing a farm from the wilderness. Calnek notes that he was "a most valuable pioneer in the work of cultivation in this region", (although he may have been referring to John's father Joseph).

        Again, most of the information that we have for this generation comes from their estate documents. John's will, dated 29 March 1817, provided that all his personal property go to his "dearly beloved wife Jane Neily", as well as the "sole use and occupation of all and every part of my landed estate" for the rest of her life. On her death, the southern part of the property, (apparently all the cleared portion) from the Annapolis River north to "the rear boundary of the clear field on the plain", and the full width of the grant, was to go to Peter, with the rest of the property to be sold with the proceeds divided equally among the other children, including a share for "Jane Neily, the daughter of my deceased son William Neily". An inventory of the late John Neily's property was made on 10 November 1821 and it gives some insight into what their life was like. It included the following: 1 pair of oxen, 11 cows, "the half of 21 head of cattle undivided", 17 tons of hay, 10 bushels of oats, 4 bushels of peas, flax, 1 plough, 1 ox-cart, 1 ox yoke, 1 draught chain, half of 9 hogs undivided, 1 grindstone, 150 lb. cheese, 125 bushels of potatoes; 3 beds and bedding, 1 "burrow" (?barrow), 6 Windsor chairs, 6 common chairs, 1 round table, 1 candle stand, 2 table "linnings", 1 copper kettle old, 1 small tea kettle, 1 grid iron, tea ware, cheese tub 2 parts, 1 tray, 1 tin pan, 30 lb. wool, 15 lb. woolen yarn, "linning" yarn, 1 tub, 1 old casket, 1 barrel, 60 sheep, 18 lambs, 1 colt, 1 mare. Jane lived only about one more year, dying before June 1822. Her property, when inventoried 19 July 1823, was valued at over 808£. Their place of burial is unknown.

N2-5   Martha NEILY, b. 1750? m. 1) (1765?) James REAGH, and had children:

N3-5-1     Joseph REAGH, b. 1766 (bp. Oct. 26),
N3-5-2     Mary "Polly" REAGH, b. ~1768,
N3-5-3     Catherine REAGH, b ~1771,
N3-5-4     John REAGH, b. 1773, Nov. 28,
m. (?1803) Ann "Nancy" (HAWKESWORTH) McBRIDE;
m. (1794, Mar. 22) John BAKER, III;
m. (1797) Jonas WARD;
m. (1804, Mar. 18) Sarah GATES;

                                     Martha  m. 2) (?1790) Timothy SAUNDERS, and had children:

N3-5-5     Timothy SAUNDERS, b. ~1791,

N3-5-6     {Rev.} Henry SAUNDERS, b. 1793,
N3-5-7     Hannah SAUNDERS, b. 1795,
N3-5-8     Frances SAUNDERS, b. 1797,
N3-5-9     David SAUNDERS, b. 1799?,
N3-5-10   Obadiah SAUNDERS, b. 1800,
N3-5-11   Robert SAUNDERS,
m. 1) (1811, Oct. 9) Bathsheba SPROUL;
      2) (1825, Jan. 25) Eunice SPINNEY;
m. (1817, Nov. 13) Sarah RANDALL;
m. (1813?) Eliphalet BANKS;
m. (1810, Oct. 25) James GRIMES;
m. (1818, Mar. 12) Elizabeth RHODES;
m. (1821, Jan. 11) Catherine RHODES;
d. young.

Generation 3

N3-2-1   Margaret NEILY,   b. ~1773   m. 1) (1795, Sep. 23)   Robert MUMFORD or MOUNTFORD, we have no definite record of children for them, nor of what happened to Robert Mumford, but some records of Elizabeth Mumford, who married John P. Best in Aylesford Twp. about 1825 refer to her as Elizabeth Truesdale, so it seems almost certain that she was their child.

N4-2-1-1   Elizabeth MUMFORD, b. 1798,             m. (1822, Jan. 17) John P. BEST;

                                     Margaret   m. 2) (1800, Jun. 5)   John TRUESDALL (or TRUESDELL or TRUESDALE), and had children:

N4-2-1-2   Jane TRUESDALL,
N4-2-1-3   Joseph N. TRUESDALL,
N4-2-1-4   Mary Ann TRUESDALL, b. 1806, Dec. 23,
N4-2-1-5   John TRUESDALL, b. 1808, Dec. 10,
N4-2-1-6   James TRUESDALL, b. 1810, Sep. 16;
N4-2-1-7   Eleanor Clark TRUESDALL, b. 1812, Jul. 20,
N4-2-1-8   Margaret TRUESDALL, b. 1814, Jul. 28,
N4-2-1-9   Andrew Inglis TRUESDALL, b. 1819, Mar. 20.
m. (1827, Mar. 15) Henry FOSTER;
m. (1828, Sep. 28) Susan McBRIDE;
m. (18??) Alexander MORSE;
m. (1831, Aug. 26) Margaret PATTERSON;

m. (18??) Jonathan SPICER;
m. (1834, Nov. 6) Charles Rupert WARNER;

Margaret died in Harbourville, Kings Co., N.S., in Feb. 1868, “in her 94th year” (N.S. Vital Statistics).

N3-2-2   Jane NEILY, b. ~1776   m. (1802, Nov. 18)   John WEST, Jr., and had children:

N4-2-2-1     George WEST, b. 1804, Nov. 10,
N4-2-2-2     Mary WEST, b. 1807, Mar. 1;
N4-2-2-3     Isabella WEST, b. 1808, Oct. 8,
N4-2-2-4     William Sutcliff WEST, b. 1810, Sep. 7,
N4-2-2-5     Tryphenia "Fanny" WEST, b. 1812, Nov. 12,
N4-2-2-6     Jane WEST, b. 1814, Sep. 25;
N4-2-2-7     Thomas WEST, 1816, May 10;
N4-2-2-8     John Coldwell WEST, b. 1818, Oct. 6;
N4-2-2-9     Joseph Nealy WEST, b. 1821, Jan. 28,
N4-2-2-10   Robert WEST, b. 1822, May 17,
N4-2-2-11   James WEST, b. ~1825, April.
m. (1829, Mar. 10) Amy Salome GRAVES;

m. (1825, Mar. 10) Nathan Woodworth FISHER;
m. (1833, Feb. 27) Hepzibah Charlotte GRAVES;
m. (18??) John OGILVIE, Jr.;

m. Mary Eliza HUNTINGTON;
m. (?) Sarah A. ?
m. Alithea ??

Jane married John, son of John and Mary (Masterson) WEST, and they farmed in Aylesford Township, Kings Co., N.S. She died in 1825, after the birth of her 11th child at age 49, and her husband re-married to Ann Jones to have the needed help to raise the family.

N3-2-3   Joseph NEILY,   b. 1777/8, March 18   m. (1805, Feb. 20)   Catharine DURLAND (1784-1860), and had children:

N4-2-3-1     John Ward NEILY, b. 1807, Feb. 16,
N4-2-3-2     Joseph Clark NEILY, b. 1808, Aug. 7,
N4-2-3-3     Irene NEILY, b. 1810, Jan. 14,
N4-2-3-4     Harriet (or Hannah) Parker NEILY, b. 1812, Jan. 6,
N4-2-3-5     Catharine NEILY, b. 1813, Dec. 4,
N4-2-3-6     Mary NEILY, b. 1816, Apr. 21,
N4-2-3-7     Ezekiel Kinsman NEILY, b. 1818, Apr. 29,
N4-2-3-8     George NEILY, b. 1820, May 16,
N4-2-3-9     James Parker NEILY, b. 1822, Aug. 16,
N4-2-3-10   Ann(e) NEILY, b. 1825, Jan. 25,

m. (1832, Jul. 19) Caroline YOUNG;
m. (1834, Oct. 2) Eliza Minetta PORTER;
m. (1842, Dec. 12) Edward BROWN;
m. (1830, Feb 28) Daniel Hiram NORTH;
m. Moses YOUNG;
m. Willett GATES;
m. (1845, Dec. 21) Mary Charlotte FITZRANDOLPH;
m. Susan BANKS;
m. Rebecca BANKS;
m. 1) William M. HINES (or HIANS);
      2) Jacob HINES.

Joseph married Catherine, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (DE MOTHE) DURLAND, and farmed in Lower Middleton (Brooklyn), Wilmot Township, apparently on the Neily land grant. In the 1827 census, he is shown as a Methodist farmer of Wilmot Twp., with a family of 6 males and 6 females. He died 9 May 1849, and is buried beside Catharine in Middleton's Pine Grove Cemetery. Following Catharine's death, the farm was sold at auction in December 1860, for £1556, to be divided among the heirs.

N3-2-4   John "Jack" NEILY, Jr.,   b. 1779/80   m. (1803, Nov. 10)   Elizabeth DURLAND, and had children:

N4-2-4-1     Zebulon NEILY, b. 1805, Mar. 29,
N4-2-4-2     Robert NEILY, b. 1807, Jan. 22,

N4-2-4-3     Jacob NEILY (our ancestor), b. 1809, Jun. 12,

N4-2-4-4     George NEILY, b. 1811, Jun. 17,
N4-2-4-5     Maria Durland NEILY, b. 1813, May 21,
N4-2-4-6     Susanna Inglis NEILY, b. 1816, Oct. 14,
N4-2-4-7     Andrew Inglis NEILY, b. 1819, Apr. 2,

N4-2-4-8     John B. NEILY, b. 1823,
N4-2-4-9     William M. NEILY, b. ~1826,

N4-2-4-10   Joseph NEILY, b. ~1827,

m. (1829, Jan. 1) Mary Ann FOSTER;
m. 1) (18??) Margaret Ann Randall;
      2) (1835, Feb. 4) Hepzibah Ann WOODBURY;
m. 1) (1833, June 2) Lucy Ann WELTON;
      2) (1883, Sep. 17) Eliza (BLANCHARD) RAY;
m. (1843?) Sarah Elizabeth SPINNEY;
m. (1829?) Nathaniel Parker WELTON;
m. (18??) William RHODES;
m. 1) (1846?) Lydia SAUNDERS (N4-5-10-3);
      2) (1881, Jun. 22) Julia Etta EATON;
m. (1848?) Helen Mary WILSON;
m. 1) (1855, July 6?) Ann(e) MARSHALL;
      2) (1858, Jul. 6) Mary Eliza F. JACQUES;
m. 1) (1878, Apr. 16) Susan Patterson BLAIR;
      2) (1903, Sept. 26) Sarah Armanilla "Nellie" (REAGH) HALL.

John Neily, Jr., nicknamed Jack, and called 'fox hunter and ax man', had 11¼ acres cleared in Wilmot Twp. at the time of the 1807 clearing and seeding bounty. He and Elizabeth, daughter of Zebulon and Catherine (MILLER) DURLAND were married there by Rev. John Wiswell, and their first seven children were born there. About 1820 they seem to have moved across the line into Kings Co., and were among the early settlers in what later became Kingston. The road connecting this settlement on the post road to the Kingston Village on the south side of the Annapolis River was called Neily Road, and that was the name used for the first Post Office there until 1887, after the construction of a railroad station, when it was changed to Kingston Station. The road remained Neily Road until the 20th century, when it was changed to Bridge St. Jack died 14 July 1861 and is buried in the plot with Susan and William Rhodes in the North Kingston Cemetery.

N3-2-5   Mary NEILY,   b. ~1781   m. 1) (1804)   Joab BAKER, son of John and Persis (WHEELER) BAKER, and had children:

N4-2-5-1   Willard BAKER, b. 1805, Aug. 11;
N4-2-5-2   Jane BAKER, b. 1807, Nov. 11;
N4-2-5-3   William BAKER, b. 1809, Oct. 15,
N4-2-5-4   James Parker BAKER, b. 1812, Aug. 1,
N4-2-5-5   Robert BAKER, b. 1815, March 16,
N4-2-5-6   Margaret BAKER, b. 1817, May 15;
N4-2-5-7   Charlotte BAKER, b. 1820, Oct. 16,
N4-2-5-8   George N. BAKER, b. 1822,

m. (18??) Ann(e) McGREGOR;
m. (1837?) Caroline BANKS;
m. (18??) Catherine WARD (N4-5-3-9);
m. (1836) Alvah LEADBETTER;
m. (~1838) Willis FOSTER;
m. (1855, Jan. 1) Helen MILLER.

Mary   m. 2) John LEADBETTER, after Joab's death in 1823. He was a widower from Maine, and she raised five of his children from his first marriage as well as eight of her own, living until Sept. 1867, when she died at Torbrook, Annapolis Co., N.S., aged 86 (N.S. Vital Statistics).

N3-2-6   William NEILY,   b. 178?   m. (18??)   Rachel FALES, and had one child:

N4-2-6-1   Jane NEILY, b. ~1806,
m. (1830, Dec. 1) Ansel TUPPER.

William is little known except that his father's will, dated 1817, includes Jane, daughter of “my deceased son” William.

N3-2-7   Robert NEILY,   b. 1784, Oct. 16   m. (1807, Mar. 29)   1) Sophia MORSE, and had children:

N4-2-7-1     Susan Jane NEILY, b. 1808, Apr. 14,

N4-2-7-2     John Clark NEILY, b. 1810, Aug. 23,
N4-2-7-3     Sarah Clark NEILY, b. 1813, Jan. 8,
N4-2-7-4     Obadiah Morse NEILY, b. 1816, July 27,
N4-2-7-5     Samuel Theophilus NEILY, b. 1818, Mar. 14,
N4-2-7-6     Robert Voorhies NEILY, b. 1820, July 27,
N4-2-7-7     James Barton NEILY, b. 1824, June 2,
N4-2-7-8     William Alexander NEILY, b. 1825, Aug. 22,
N4-2-7-9     Ingraham Elder NEILY, b. 1828, Nov. 7,
N4-2-7-10   Adoniram Burton NEILY, b. 1831, May 14,
m. 1) (18??) James PARTON;
      2) (18??) John HARDWICK, Jr.;
m. (1835, Mar. 10) Georgiana MERRY;
m. (18??) John Henry BERTEAUX;
m. (18??) Eliza BALCOM;
m. (18??) Sarah "Sally" WHEELOCK;
m. (1843, Oct. 16) Leah BURCHILL;
m. (1854, Nov. 23) Dorcas Amelia BISHOP;
m. (1860, Dec. 28) Elizabeth A. GRANT;
m. (1854, Nov. 14) Mary Elizabeth SCHAFNER;
m. (1859, Dec. 27) Lucy Caroline BISHOP.

                             Robert    m. 2) (1851)   Elizabeth (Goucher) GATES

Robert was an energetic and respected farmer in the Nictaux area; in the 1807 clearing and seeding bounty, his 17¼ acres was the largest cleared area of the 62 farmers of the Wilmot township who claimed the bounty. He married Sophia, daughter of Obadiah and Hannah (CHUTE) MORSE, and in 1813 was among the signators of a petition to establish the Nictaux Baptist Church. He served as Justice of the Peace by the 1827 census, and, on his death 30 Jan. 1862, was buried in the Nictaux cemetery.

N3-2-8   George NEILY,   b. 1787?   m. 1)   (1812, Oct. 17)   Elizabeth GATES, and had children:

N4-2-8-1     William NEILY, b. 1813, Sept. 3,
N4-2-8-2     Helen NEILY, b. 1815, Sept. 9,
N4-2-8-3     John Clark NEILY, b. 1821, Oct. 28,
m. Ann ??;
m. (1832, Aug. 16) Austin WELTON;
m. (184?, Aug. 16) Eunice Amelia SANFORD.

                         George   m. 2)   (1826?)   Catherine Deniston WALKER, and had children:

N4-2-8-4     George NEILY, b. 1827, Apr. 23,
N4-2-8-5     Archibald Inglis NEILY, b. 1828?, Nov. 2,
N4-2-8-6     Margaret Ann NEILY, b. 1831, Mar. 31,
N4-2-8-7     Frances Amelia "Emily" NEILY, b. 1833, Jan. 29,
N4-2-8-8     Jane NEILY, b. 1835, Nov. 12,
N4-2-8-9     Joseph Howe NEILY, b. 1838, Feb. 7,
N4-2-8-10     Susan NEILY, b. 1840?,
m. (185?, ) Emily Grace PALMER;
m. (1857, Jan. 1) Jane Maria ABBOTT;
m. (1848) William Henry WOODBURY;
m. (18??) James PALMER;
m. (18??) Thomas Handley C. SAUNDERS (N4-5-6-6);
m. (1866, Jan. 25) Susan Udavilla WELTON;
m. (1863) James CRAIG.

George married Elizabeth, daughter of Jonas and Hepzibah (BAKER) GATES, and seems to have moved to Aylesford, Kings Co., N.S., about that time. He established a large farm (about 700 acres at the time of his death 4 April 1846), and estate papers call him a yeoman, with the property mainly along the Canaan Rd. and “the road leading up to the mountain” in Aylesford and total estate value over £1850.

N3-2-8   Peter NEILY,   b. ~1790   m. (1811, Mar. 21)   Ann Jane WILSON, and had children:

N4-2-9-1   John E. NEILY, b. 1812, Apr. 2,
N4-2-9-2   Ann NEILY, b. 1813, Sept. 30;
N4-2-9-3   Jane NEILY, b. 1815, Dec. 10,
N4-2-9-4   Richard Wilson NEILY, b. 1817, Nov. 1;
N4-2-9-5   Richard Wilson NEILY, b. 1818, Dec. 13,
m. (~1842) Harriet W. ??;

m. (~1840) Abel Oaks PACKARD;
d. 1818, Feb. 1;
m. (1842, July 15) Ann RUSSELL.

Peter was reportedly teaching in Parrsborough when he met and married Ann Wilson of Westmoreland Co., New Brunswick. They appear to have returned to Wilmot after the birth of John E. in New Brunswick, probably to help care for his aging parents' farm. Peter inherited much of that farm on his mother's death in 1822, soon sold it to Jonathan Woodbury and went back to New Brunswick and Maine. In the 1851 census of Canada West, Peter, in his 62nd year, is living at Walpole, Haldimand Co., with Ann, in her 60th year. His occupation there seems to be weaver, and they are Wesleyan Methodist.

N3-2-10   Frances NEILY, b. ~1792   m. (1812, Apr. 1)   Zebina "Bine" ROACH, and had children:

N4-2-10-1     William Marsden ROACH, b. 1815, July 8,
N4-2-10-2     Hannah Parker ROACH, b. 1817, May11,
N4-2-10-3     Mary ROACH, b. 1819, July 6,
N4-2-10-4     John Neily ROACH, b. 1821, Oct. 30,
N4-2-10-5     Mary Jane ROACH, b. 1823, Oct. 8,
N4-2-10-6     James Parker ROACH, b. 1825, Oct. 31,
N4-2-10-7     Isaac ROACH, b. 1827, Oct. 19,
N4-2-10-8     Sarah Ann ROACH, b. 1829, Oct. 6;
N4-2-10-9     Robert ROACH, b. 1831, Oct. 4;
N4-2-10-10   Phoebe Elizabeth ROACH, b. 1833, Dec. 13;
N4-2-10-11   George Matthew ROACH, b. 1833, Dec. 13,
N4-2-10-12   Zebina ROACH, Jr., b. 1835, Sept. 28,
m. Caroline MASTERS;
m. Ingerson SPINNEY;
d. 1821, July 11;
m. (1850, Jun. 14) Mary Jane REAGH;
m. William FOSTER;
m. Hannah A. CHUTE;
m. Elizabeth NEWCOMB;
m. Samuel SPINNEY;

m. (1851, Oct. 13) Elizabeth RHODES;
d. 1838, Oct.

Frances married Zebina, son of Matthew and Phebe (RICKETSON) ROACH, and they appear to have lived and farmed in Aylesford Township, probably near the corner of the Post Road and that to North Kingston.

N3-5-1   Joseph REAGH,   b. 1766, (bp. Oct. 26)   m. (1803?)   Ann 'Nancy' (HAWKESWORTH) MCBRIDE, and had children:

N4-5-1-1     Caleb REAGH, b. 1806;
N4-5-1-2     Hannah REAGH, b. 1808,
N4-5-1-3     Elizabeth REAGH, b. 1810,
N4-5-1-4     Sarah Ann REAGH, b. 1818?,
N4-5-1-5     John REAGH, b. 1824,
N4-5-1-6     Duncan REAGH, b. 1827,
N4-5-1-7     Selena REAGH, b. 1829,
N4-5-1-8     Rebeckah Ann REAGH, b. 1830,
N4-5-1-9     Mary Jane REAGH, b. 1832,
N4-5-1-10   Catherine "Katie" REAGH, b. 1835,
N4-5-1-11   Martha REAGH?.
m. (1839, May 12) Priscilla ROBERTS
m. (18??) John SIMMONS;
m. (1833) {Rev.} Isaac LAFEY;
m. (1840) John RONSON;
m. (18??) Margaret TURNBULL;
m. (1853, Mar. 17) Amanda Jane VAN VALKENBURG;
m. (1856) George COUSINS;
m. (1849) Elisha EAGLESTON or EGGLESTON;
m. (18??) John GIRVIN;
m. ? (1857) Allen VAN EVERY;

N3-5-2   Mary "Polly" REAGH,   b. ~1768   m. (1794, Mar. 22)   John BAKER, III, and had children:

N4-5-2-1   Calvin BAKER, b. 1794, Mar. 1;
N4-5-2-2   Luther BAKER, b. ~1795,
N4-5-2-3   Henry BAKER, b. ~1799,
N4-5-2-4   Mary BAKER, b. ~1803.
N4-5-2-5   Ward BAKER, b. ~1805,
N4-5-2-6   John BAKER (IV), b. ~1806;

m. (1820, Mar. 2) Charlotte TUPPER;
m. (1817?) Elizabeth STRONACH;
m. (1828, Nov. 13) Eunice (TUPPER) BOWLBY;

m. (18??) Hannah (SAUNDERS) GRIMES
m. 1) (18??) Elizabeth GATES;
      2) (18??) Isabel (FALES) SMITH;

N3-5-3   Catherine REAGH,   b. ~1771   m. (1797, Mar. 9)   Jonas WARD,, and had children:

N4-5-3-1     John, "Johnny" WARD, b. 1797,
N4-5-3-2     Charles WARD, b. ~1800,
N4-5-3-3     David WARD, b. ~1801,
N4-5-3-4     Cynthia WARD, b. ~1802,
N4-5-3-5     Jonas WARD, Jr., b. ~1805,
N4-5-3-6     Mary WARD, b. ~1807,
N4-5-3-7     Rebecca WARD, b. 1814, Mar. 12,
N4-5-3-8     Hannah WARD, b. ~1815,
N4-5-3-9     Catherine WARD, b. 1816, Jul. 12,

N4-5-3-10   Martha WARD, b. 18??;
N4-5-3-11   Rachel WARD, b. ~1823,
m. (1840, May 14) Rachel WELTON;
m. (18??) Sarah SMITH;
m. (~1821, Mar. 2) Susan VIDITO;
m. (~1834) {Rev} Charles RANDALL;
m. (18??) Theresa GATES;
m. (18??) John Gilbert GATES.
m. (18??) William HAWKINS;
m. (18??) John Wesley MILBURY;
m. 1) (~1845) Robert BAKER (N4-2-5-5),
     2) (1875, Jan. 27) Daniel MARSHALL;

m. (18??) Samuel MOORE;

N3-5-4   John REAGH,   b. 1773, Nov. 28   m. (1804, March 18)   Sarah Gates, and had children:

N4-5-4-1     John Wesley REAGH, b. 1804, Nov. 14,
N4-5-4-2     Gilbert REAGH, b. 1806, Jan. 15,
N4-5-4-3     Mehitable REAGH, b. 1807, Sept. 29,
N4-5-4-4     Susanna REAGH, b. 1809, Aug. 6,
N4-5-4-5     Abraham REAGH, b. 1811, Aug. 6 (?),
N4-5-4-6     Mary REAGH, b. 1813, July 20,

N4-5-4-7     Isaac REAGH, b. 1815, Oct. 21,
N4-5-4-8     Prudence REAGH, b. 1818, June 1,
N4-5-4-9     Elizabeth REAGH, b. 1820, Nov. 12,
N4-5-4-10   Margaret L. REAGH, b. 1822, Jun. 4,
N4-5-4-11   Sarah Ann REAGH, b. 1824,
N4-5-4-12   Jacob REAGH, b. 1825;
N4-5-4-13   Helen REAGH, b. 1826,
m. (182?,) Ann RAY;
m. (1822, Mar.) Mary Jane BEACH;
m. (18??,) Silas MARGESON;
m. (18??,) {Rev.} Abraham STRONACH;
m. (18??,) Sarah C. TUPPER;
m. 1) (18??,) Reis STRONACH;
      2) (1872, June 12) John McKEOWN;
m. (1836, Dec. 6) Anne Morton TUPPER;
m. (18??,) William Henry CLARK;
m. (18??,) Adam BOWLBY;
m. (18??,) Christopher MARGESON;
m. (18??,) Charles Bayard MARGESON;

m. (18??,) Elias PHINNEY

N3-5-5   Timothy SAUNDERS, Jr.,   b. 1791   m. 1)   (1811, Oct. 9)   Bathsheba SPROUL, and had children:

N4-5-5-1     Robert SAUNDERS, b. 1812, Oct. 15,
N4-5-5-2     Elizabeth "Betsey" SAUNDERS, b. 1814, Nov. 26;
N4-5-5-3     Mary SAUNDERS, b. 1816, Jul. 19,
N4-5-5-4     Obadiah SAUNDERS, b. 1818, Jul. 23.
m. (1837, Dec. 15) Maria Matilda NEWCOMB;

m. (18??) Ezekiel WOODWORTH

                         Timothy   m. 2)   (1825, Jan. 27)   Eunice SPINNEY, and had children:

N4-5-5-5     Timothy SAUNDERS, b. 1825, Oct. 29,
N4-5-5-6     Samuel SAUNDERS, b. 1828, Jun. 8,
N4-5-5-7     Alfred Parker SAUNDERS, b. 1831, Feb. 8,
N4-5-5-8     Catherine SAUNDERS, b. 1833, May 17,
N4-5-5-9     Martha W. SAUNDERS, b. 1836, Nov. 27,
N4-5-5-10   Henry SAUNDERS, b. 1838, May 29,
N4-5-5-11   Caleb SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-5-12   Caroline N. SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-5-13   Sarah SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-5-14   Guilford D. SAUNDERS, b. 1848, Apr. 25,
m. (18??) Lucy PINEO;
m. (18??) Susanna SPINNEY;
m. (1871, Jan. 19) Ann Melissa SPINNEY;
m. (18??) Calvin CROCKER;
m. (18??) Charles SPINNEY;
m. (18??) Mary Jane ___?;
m. (18??) ?;
m. (1854, Aug 3) Joseph G. LUNT;
m. (18??) Joseph Clark WELTON;
m. (18??) ?.

N3-5-6   {Rev.} Henry SAUNDERS, b. 1793   m. (1817, Nov. 13)   Sarah RANDALL, and had children:

N4-5-6-1     Susannah SAUNDERS, b. 1818, Jun. 19,
N4-5-6-2     Nathan Randall SAUNDERS, b. 1820, Sep. 27,

N4-5-6-3     Elizabeth SAUNDERS, b. 1822, Nov. 22;
N4-5-6-4     {Rev.} Joseph Henry SAUNDERS, b. 1824, Sep. 13,
N4-5-6-5     Sarah Jane SAUNDERS, b. 1827, Apr. 20;
N4-5-6-6     Thomas Handley C. SAUNDERS, b. 1829, May 23,
N4-5-6-7     Margaret Ann SAUNDERS, b. 1831,
N4-5-6-8     Martha SAUNDERS, b. 1835, Jan. 2;
N4-5-6-9     Cynthia SAUNDERS, b. 1837, Aug. 2;
N4-5-6-10   Charles William SAUNDERS, b. 1840, Sep. 30,
m. (18??) Edward (or Edmund?) Reese HARRIS;
m. 1) (1844, Feb. 19) Abigail Ann WHITMAN (our ancestors);
      2) (18??) Harriet McGREGOR;

m. (1852, Sep. 15) Caroline HARRIS;

m. (18??) Jane NEILY (N4-2-9-8);
m. (18??) William SNELL;

m. (18??) Mary SLOAN.

N3-5-7   Hannah SAUNDERS,   b. 1795   m. (18??)   Eliphalet BANKS, and had children:

N4-5-7-1   Timothy S. BANKS, b. 18??,
N4-5-7-2   Henry Saunders BANKS, b. 1815, Sept. 10,
N4-5-7-3   David BANKS, b. 1817,

N4-5-7-4   Judith BANKS, b. 18??,

N4-5-7-5   Martha BANKS, b. 18??,
N4-5-7-6   Abraham BANKS, b. 1824, Apr. 13,
N4-5-7-7   Thomas Handley BANKS, b. 18??,
N4-5-7-8   Obadiah BANKS, b. 1828?,
N4-5-7-9   Ezekiel BANKS, b. 1833?,
m. (18??) Mary BURPEE;
m. (1836, June 18) Mary E. CROPLEY;
m. 1) (18??) Mary BEAUFRY;
      2) (1846, Sep. 15) Charity BUBAR;
m. 1) (18??) James KINNEY;
      ?2) (18??) David MORINE;
m. (18??) John ROBAR;
m. (1848, Jun. 20) Sarah RICE;
m. (1854, Jul. 29) Hannah Maria ERNST
m. (18??) Margaret (MOODY) RILEY;
m. (18??) Helen BAKER.

N3-5-8   Frances SAUNDERS,   b. 1797   m. (1810, Oct. 25)   James GRIMES, and had children:

N4-5-8-1    Martha GRIMES, b. 1811, July 3
N4-5-8-2    Timothy GRIMES, b. 1813, Jan. 24
N4-5-8-3    Susannah GRIMES, b. 1814, Sep. 24
N4-5-8-4    Joseph GRIMES, b. 1816, Apr. 13
N4-5-8-5    James GRIMES, b. 1818, May 15
N4-5-8-6    Bathsheba GRIMES, b. 1820, Apr. 16
N4-5-8-7    John GRIMES, b. 1822, Feb. 14
N4-5-8-8    Gilbert GRIMES, b. 1823, Dec. 23
N4-5-8-9    Elizabeth GRIMES, b. 182?, Dec. 30

N3-5-9   David SAUNDERS,   b. 1799   m. (1818, Mar. 12)   Elizabeth RHODES*, and had children:

N4-5-9-1     John SAUNDERS, b. 1819, May 14,

N4-5-9-2     Obadiah SAUNDERS, b. 1821, Aug. 4,
N4-5-9-3     Cynthia SAUNDERS, b. 1823, Jan. 21,
N4-5-9-4     Elizabeth SAUNDERS, b. 1825, Oct. 3,
N4-5-9-5     Maria SAUNDERS, b. 1827, Oct. 28,
N4-5-9-6     {Rev.} Edward Manning SAUNDERS, b. 1829, Dec. 20,
N4-5-9-7     Martha SAUNDERS, b. 1832, Aug. 18,
N4-5-9-8     David SAUNDERS, b. 1835, Oct. 2;
N4-5-9-9     George Whitfield SAUNDERS, b. 1838, May 19,
N4-5-9-10   Walter W. SAUNDERS, b. 1841, Oct. 4,
m. 1) (185?) Margaret NEILY;
      2) (18??) Hannah HENDRY;
m. (185?) Rebecca WARD (our ancestors);
m. (18??) Dean WHEELOCK;
m. (18??) Gideon BEARDSLEY;
m. (18??) James VAN BUSKIRK;
m. (1858, Dec. 22) Maria Kizboro FREEMAN;
m. (1857) Joseph Dimock GOUCHER;

m. (18??) Sarah L. SAUNDERS;
m. (18??) Julia ROBINSON.

        * She is called "Elizabeth Bass" by the Wilmot Township Book, and since she was apparently born in 1795/6 (gravestone) and her mother Lydia BASS married William Rhodes in 1797, she may have continued to use the Bass name before her marriage. Her mother was a direct descendant of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins of the Mayflower.

N3-5-10   Obadiah SAUNDERS,   b. 1800   m. (1821, Jan. 11)   Catherine RHODES, and had children:

N4-5-10-1     William SAUNDERS b. 18??;
N4-5-10-2     Mary SAUNDERS, b. 1822, Jan. 21,
N4-5-10-3     Lydia SAUNDERS, b. 1825,
N4-5-10-4     Salome SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-10-5     Sidney SAUNDERS, b. 1827, Nov. 2,
N4-5-10-6     Matilda SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-10-7     Caroline SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-10-8     Zenas Orin SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-10-9     Helen SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-10-10   Eliza SAUNDERS, b. 18??,
N4-5-10-11   Obadiah SAUNDERS, b. 18??,

m. Charles Grandison BENT;
m. Andrew Inglis NEILY (N4-2-5-7);
m. William McGILL;
m. Jane McNAYR;
m. John PUDSEY;
m. Adelaide McNAYR;
m. William LENT;
m. 1) Margaret Ann LLOYD; 2) ??

N3-5-11   Robert SAUNDERS,   b. 1???

        An outline of descendants and a Neily index have been prepared, although they are not yet in a format suitable for this website. If you are interested please contact me for more details. Many have helped with information on their immediate families, but special thanks goes to Frances Lourie, Jessie M. Belcher, Edgar Marshall, Cdr. David C. Neily, USN, Joyce Neely, Catherine E. Neily, Edward S. Gray, George T. Stoddart, and the late Bill Woodbury for major contributions.

        These notes are based on the best information available to me at the date of the latest revision, and any updates, additions, or corrections would be welcome at the above address (or telephone 902-765-2455 or e-mail; please identify your sources if your information differs from mine. It is hoped that a real family history can be developed, so photos and details on all lines would be welcomed.

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Appendix 1.     Transcript of the will of Joseph Neily, Senior (1777)

        Taken from microfilm in Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia by Wayne Neily. Original spelling and errors retained as closely as could be determined. This draught appears to be in the handwriting of David Randal. Joseph's mark resembles a cursive z. Missing pieces are indicated in square brackets. These are taken from a copy made by Justice Joseph Winniett of the Surrogate Court (also in Archives and Probate court files) with improved spelling and punctuation added. In the copy "Rebecker" and "Mathar" are given as "Rebeccah" and "Martha".


In the Name of God Amen.

I Joseph Neiley of the town of Wilmot in the County of Annapollis yeoman being very sick of body but in Parfect mind and memory thanks be given unto god Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is apointed for all men once to Die and After that the judgement Do make and ordan this my Last Will and testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and Recommend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it and my Body I Recomemend to be Deasently Buried in the Earth in a Christian mannar at the descretion of my Executor Nothing Douteing but at the general [Resurrection] I shall Receive the same [again] by the mighty Power of god and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has Pleased God to Bless me in this Life I give devise and dispose of the same in the folowing manor and form First I give and bequeath to my Deairly Beloved Wife Mary one half my Lands and Buildings Durring her Nateral Life. I give to my Wife all my household goods the one half of my sheep and all my Cattle except my old oxon and one two yeair old heafor and one yeair old heafar I give to my Son Robert one half my Lands and Buildings my old oxon and half my Sheep and Colt and the youse of the old mair as long as he shall Dwel with his mother after that at her disposien. [I likewise] mak and ordain my son Robert to be my soul Executour to this my Last Will and Testament I give to my Son John ten shillings I give to my son Joseph half my Lands if Living aftar his mothars Death if not Living the said Lands shal be the soul Proparty of my son Robert aftar his mothers Death I give to my Daughtar Rebecker ten shillings give to my Daughter Mathar ten shillings I give to my granddaughter one two yeair old heafar and one yeair old heafar Ratifing and confairming this and no other other to be my Last Will and Testament [In] witnes here of I hav hreunto [set] my [hand] and Seail this thirtith day of March one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven Sined seailed and delivered in the Presence of us

Joseph         z         Neiley

David Randal
Kezia Randal
Persy Baker

End of Transcript.

        This will was proved before Justice Winniett on 23 August 1777 with the three witnesses swearing that they were present when the deceased executed and signed this will.

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