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Google Map of Eardley Escarpment & Gatineau Park Northwest
Chemin Mountain (Mountain Road) Trails Museum Feeders Chemin Vanier (Vanier Road) Quarry Chemin Pink (Pink Road) between Chemins Vanier and Klock (Roads) Chemin Antoine-Boucher East of Chemin Klock (Road) Chemin Cook (Cook Road) Dumpsite Chemin Perry (Perry Road) Alvar Chemin Pink (Pink Road) West of Chemin Perry (Road) Chemin de Compte Chemin Baillie (Baillie Road) Gully Lac des Montagnes Chemin Crégheur Luskville Falls Chemin Pilon (Road) Chemin Eardley-Masham (Ramsay Lake Road) Steel Line Road

Sites - Map References
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Chemin Mountain (Mountain Road) Trails - 1
Museum Feeders - 2
Chemin Vanier (Vanier Road) Quarry - 3
Chemin Pink (Pink Road) between Chemins Vanier and Klock (Roads) - 4
Chemin Antoine-Boucher East of Chemin Klock (Road) - 5
Chemin Cook (Cook Road) Dumpsite - 6
Chemin Perry (Perry Road) Alvar - 7
Chemin Pink (Pink Road) West of Chemin Perry (Road) - 8
Chemin de Compte - 9
Chemin Baillie (Baillie Road) Gully - 10
* Indicates that page is not enabled.

Lac des Montagnes - 11
Chemin Crégheur - 12
Luskville Falls - 13
Chemin Pilon (Road) - 14
Chemin Eardley-Masham (Ramsay Lake Road) - 15
Steel Line Road - 16
Lac Lapêche - 17 *
Lac des Loups (Wolf Lake) - 18 *
Lac Philippe - 19 *
Taylor Lake - 20 *
         The Eardley Escarpment and these sites below and along it, as well as the northwesterly sites up in the Gatineau Hills north of it, provide an exciting birding route year round, but are especially attractive to Ottawa birders in winter. Several of the sites have boreal forest content and are canvased each winter for denizens of the north which may have moved in for the cold season. Some possibilities include Black-backed and Three-toed Woodpeckers, Red and White-winged Crossbills, Pine Grosbeak, or even a Gray Jay or Boreal Chickadee. Spend a full day along the Ramsey Lake Road to maximize your chances. The escarpment is well known as the best eagle watching area in the checklist circle, with increasing numbers of Bald Eagles joined by the occasional Golden Eagle. The base of the escarpment from Ramsey Lake and Steel Line Roads are the best viewing areas for eagles.
         Starting from Chemin Mountain Road northwest of Hull, this linear tour will first go through the forest and farmland below the escarpment. It continues northwest generally along the escarpment for c. 40 km of its length. The Ramsey Lake Road (Chemin Eardley-Masham) is an extended site crossing a section of forest atop the escarpment through Gatineau Park. Another extended site is the Steel Line Road, running for 7.5 km along the very base of the escarpment. Further sites explore the forest and lakes atop the escarpment, including Lac Lapêche, Lac des Loups, Lac Philippe and Taylor Lake. The latter two in particular are wonderful spots for breeding birds. When you reach the last site, you will be able to continue to Wakefield and join the Gatineau River West route to return to Ottawa. Alternately, you might cut south from Saint-Francois-de-Masham and go south on the Ramsey Lake Road (Chemin Eardley-Masham) to make a figure eight by returning to Ottawa on the Ottawa River West Quebec route.
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