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        Independent Directions to this Site: From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 138 (Eagleson/March Roads). If travelling west, the 0.6 km offramp dumps you right or north onto March Road. If driving east, a 0.5 km offramp brings you to Eagleson Road, where you will turn left or north onto it to March Road (its northward extension) and in 0.5 km join the westbound offramp traffic. Both groups will now follow March Road, or Regional 49, north, then northwest, 1.4 km to the Old Carp Road. Turn left or west on it and go 2.7 km to a creek crossing with a pond on the right. Now you can either follow the instructions below in reverse or drive 1.8 km to just beyond Huntmar Drive and follow them as they are written.
        Dunrobin & Carp Ridges Route Directions: From the bridge over the Carp River Floodplain on March Road, continue 0.3 km northeast to the Old Carp Road and turn right or southeast onto it.
Google Satellite Map of Old Carp Road Area
Google Satellite Map of Old Carp Road Area

        Site Description and Birding Information: On Old Carp Road travel east 2.2 km to Huntmar Drive. Just before reaching the corner, on the right or south side of the road, there is a wonderful feeding station partially visible from the road (at # 1778). Over the years several good birds have been visitors here, for example, in the winter of 1988-89 a Red-bellied Woodpecker and in late winter 1994 a Hoary Redpoll hung out with a flock of Common Redpolls. In the winters of 2007-08 and 2008-09 a Red-shouldered Hawk hung around this area. Remember that this is private property and act accordingly.
Hoary Redpoll at Feeder on Old Carp Road - Apr. 6, 1994
Hoary Redpoll at Feeder on Old Carp Road - Apr. 6, 1994

        To see the main part of this site we will take an aside by going straight at the corner of Old Carp and Huntmar Drives. (To reach the next site we will return to this corner.) Continue 0.3 km ENE along Old Carp Road to the entrance of the Loch March Golf Club. You can pull off to the side here without blocking the entrance. Here look for Indigo Bunting. The next 1.4 km along Old Carp Road would make a lovely 2.8 km round trip hike, especially during spring migration. There is a good variety of habitat, with varying ages of deciduous woodland and two wet spots, one forested and one open. It is a very good area to see most of the migrant spring warblers.
        At 0.6 km east of Huntmar Drive, at the bottom of a hill, a small brook crosses the road. Park along the roadside near the brook where traffic can see your car in lots of time to avoid it. The tract from the top of the hill to the stream consists of an area of fairly mature deciduous woods. It is a wonderful spot to soothe the soul, if you're early, or late, enough to avoid the cars and dust; as well as finding all the birds attracted to the water. A great spot for migrant spring warblers, etc. At night listen for Northern Saw-whet Owl.
        Proceed another 0.8 km east along Old Carp Road to another stream crossing with a marshy pond on the left or north side of the road. The stretch just past has been good for Golden-winged Warblers until recently, look for suitable habitat. Just prior to reaching the pond is a good spot for Mourning Warbler. The pond itself may be worth a quick look.
        Dunrobin & Carp Ridges Route Directions: Return the 1.7 km west along Old Carp Road to Huntmar Drive and turn left onto it. Go 2.0 km to the bridge over the Carp River and park near it at our next site, Huntmar Drive.
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