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        Independent Directions to this Site: The Cooper Marsh Conservation Area, on the St. Lawrence River near Lancaster, is around an hour and a three-quarters ESE of Ottawa by car. Take Highway 417 from Ottawa east 60 km to Highway 138 (exit 58 to Cornwall). Follow Hwy 138 32 km SSE to Cornwall Centre Road. Turn right or WSW on it to continue on 138, go 0.7 km to Brookdale Avenue. Turn left or SSE on it to continue on 138. Follow Brookdale (138) 0.9 km over Highway 401 and take exit 789 east. Follow the 401 east for 24.3 km to Highway 34 (exit 814), just south of Lancaster. Turn right or south and go 1 km to South Lancaster and then turn right or southwest onto Highway 2. Follow Highway 2 for 3.0 km to the turnoff for Cooper Marsh Conservation Area visitor's centre on the left or east.
Ottawa to Cooper Marsh Route Map
Ottawa to Cooper Marsh Route Map

Map of Cooper Marsh Conservation Area Map of Cooper Marsh Conservation Area
Maps of Cooper Marsh Conservation Area

        Site Description and Birding Information: The 264 hectare Cooper Marsh Conservation Area is a part of the larger Charlottenburgh Marsh, one of Ontario's most significant wetlands. There are four interpretive trails, including the magnificent marsh boardwalk, complete with viewing blind. There are picnic and toilet facilities near the visitor's centre. Excellent for shorebirds and waders.
         Snow Geese (as well as Canada Geese) may be seen passing through this area in early spring. Seen passing not far north of here was a flock of 2,000 Snow Geese on November 22, 2003.
Cooper Marsh Boardwalk Cooper Marsh Blind
Cooper Marsh Boardwalk and Blind

Cooper Marsh Boardwalk
Cooper Marsh Boardwalk

         Rarities seen in this locale include: Little Blue Heron (July 1991), Glossy Ibis (May 22, 1993) and Tricolored Heron (May 1996).
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