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Just what constitutes the Annapolis Valley anyway? The tourism sector claim Digby, Annapolis, Kings and Hants Counties. Staistics Canada uses Annapolis, Kings and Hants Counties. The Canadian Listers' Corner (birding group) calls it Kings and Annapolis Counties. And the purists claim it is only the watershed of the Annapolis River, the area between the North and South Mountains that drains into the Annapolis Basin via the Annapolis River and its tributaries. The Annapolis Valley is often considered to be the entire trough between the North and South Mountains, including both the Annapolis and Cornwallis River systems (basically Digby through Grand Pré). Many people who live here entend it to include Windsor. There are as many definitions as purposes for defining it.
The site guide will deal only with Annapolis County. The Bay of Fundy shore and the North and South Mountains will be included as well as the geographic valley.

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