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         Listers, like most other groups, have varied and sometimes quite personal interests. This gives rise to a multitude of different lists. Some birders like to visit one area repeatedly, perhaps even daily, and build a significant list for this area. Other birders prefer to travel widely. But as many birders keep yard lists as keep lists for a multitude of political or natural divisions. The number of different lists is only limited by the imagination and energy of the individual lister.
         The "Area Lists" presented below are examples. Some of these will have pages of their own in the future, if enough people show interest. These lists are all Ottawa/Gatineau-centric. Many use the Circle (see below) as their limiting boundary. The lists below are all lifelists, but you could also have temporal bounds, such as year, winter, month and day.
         Examples could be lifelists of defined areas such as Gatineau Park, Larose Forest, Britannia, Clyde Woods or your own yard. Or perhaps lists such as birds seen at sewage lagoons in the circle or in Eastern Ontario. It could be a mobile Big Day, a Big Sit (birds seen from one spot during a day), or a Green List (such as a BIGBY). Your imagination is the only limit. Send them along.
         While for most area lists you may count only species seen within or directly above that area, yard lists are an exception - birds seen from the yard, as well as those seen in or above the yard, are all countable.
         The Ottawa/Gatineau 50-km Checklist Circle, affectionately known as simply "The Circle", is a 50 kilomtre circle centred on the Peace Tower. For a graphic and further description of this area, see the Circle page.

City of Ottawa (formerly Carleton County)
Larry Neily - 288 (to Dec. 31, 2011)
Gordon Pringle - 287 (to Dec. 31, 2011)

Prescott & Russell (United Counties)
Larry Neily - 168 (to Jan. 22, 2012)

Britannia Conservation Area
Larry Neily - 158 (to Mar. 28, 2011)

Gatineau Park
Larry Neily - 118 (to Mar. 28, 2011)

Yard Lists - Ottawa Circle
Gordon Pringle - 115 (residential)

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