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        Independent Directions to this Site: From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 127 (Woodroffe Avenue) north. Go 0.9 km north on Woodroffe to Carling Avenue. Turn left or west onto Carling and proceed 1.2 km to Connaught Avenue. Turn left or south onto Connaught and drive 0.3 km to Elmhurst Street. Park along Connaught opposite the entrance to the trails for Pinecrest Creek North.
        Ottawa West Park Loop Route Directions: From where you are parked at Frank Ryan Park on Henley Street, head north on Dundee Avenue for 0.2 km to Elmhurst Street. Turn right or east on Elmhurst and go 0.5 km to Connaught Avenue. Park on Connaught near the end of Elmhurst to access the trails for Pinecrest Creek North.
Google Satellite Map of the Pinecrest Creek North Area
Google Satellite Map of the Pinecrest Creek North Area
         Site Description and Birding Information: This site has as many problems as it has potential. This sliver of "greenspace" about a couple hundred metres wide is shared by a busy transitway and playing fields. A bicycle path and the heavily polluted Pinecrest Creek parallel the Transitway on its west side from the Queensway (Highway 417) to the Ottawa River. The section south of the 417 is covered on the Pinecrest Creek South site page.
         The corner of Connaught and Elmhurst is, of course, only one of many access points. It is used solely because of its convenience from the previous site. The bike path follows the creek and despite the sparsity of trees, provides a variety of habitat and shelter for migrants. The creek, by the nature of the "water" flowing in it, is warm enough to have some open areas in winter. These usually have a few ducks.
Pinecrest Creek North Pinecrest Creek North
Views of Pinecrest Creek North

        Ottawa West Park Loop Route Directions: This is the last site in this loop. It is adjacent several Ottawa River West Ontario sites, the closest being Deschênes Rapids Lookout, Britannia Conservation Area, and Deschênes Rapids - Ontario.
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