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        Independent Directions to this Site: From Boulevard des Allumettières or Highway 148, take the Chemin Vanier exit. Turn left or south onto Vanier and go 2.1 km to Promenade Crescent. Turn left or east onto it to enter the Lakeview Terrace area.
        Ottawa River West: Quebec Route Directions: From the Rivermead/Baie Simard parking area, turn left or southwest onto Boulevard de Lucerne and drive 1.3 km (or 0.4 km if you were at the Deschênes Rapids parking area) to Chemin Vanier. Turn right or north into it and proceed 0.5 km to Promenade Crescent. Turn right or east into the Lakeview Terrace area.
Google Satellite Image Map of Lakeview Terrace Area
Google Satellite Image Map of Lakeview Terrace Area

         Site Description and Birding Information: This older subdivision is an excellent area to have a feeding station in winter, and many of the residents do so. Its location, just up the street from the Deschênes Rapids, may contribute to its success. Not only has this area attracted a disproportionate amount of late lingerers, it attracts their predators as well. One of the best places to see Cooper's Hawk and Merlin in our area for that very reason. One of the more consistant areas for Carolina Wren near Ottawa. A pair of these wrens has been seen off and on along Promenade Lakeview for many years. Unwise late stayers in the area have included an Ovenbird (that nearly made it through one winter) and a Brown Thrasher.
         Chemin Vanier and Promenade Crescent form a 700 by 500 metre oval and within this is a smaller oval called, strangely enough, Promenade Oval. There are several short radials joining them. These and Promenade Lakeview, the next west street parallel to Chemin Vanier are all worth checking. The southern segment of Crescent often has the most productive feeding stations, perhaps because there is somewhat of a buffer between those houses and the schools south of them.
        Ottawa River West: Quebec Route Directions: From the Lakeview Terrace area, turn left or south onto Chemin Vanier and drive 1 to 2 km (depending on which street you exit from) to the Ottawa River at the end of Chemin Vanier. You are now at the next site on this route, Deschênes Rapids.
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