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As mentioned on the main page, the compiler requests that you send an email with a list of only the lists that have changes or are new. When sending an email of changes, show the type of list, the area of the list, its new total and the change (i.e. +4) for each changed or new entry. The latter, while not strictly necessary, allows an addition check for typographical errors, which are inevitable. When submitted year lists, please include the year, or in the case of single winter lists, the years (these are not all for the current year, and I hate guessing wrongly). It would also be nice if those whohave published year or winter lists with no date(s) would submit those. It will also help greatly if the lists are in the same order as published in the report. Let me know, as well, if you have no changes to report; that way I will know your lists are up to date. Thanks.

For sake of clarity, here are some examples:
Lifelist Nova Scotia 344 (+5) Year List Saskatchewan 256 (2012) Winter Life List New Brunswick 156 (+7) Single Winter List British Columbia 176 (2011-12)
I hope that helps.

You may, of course, still use the ancient report form if you prefer. You must print out the form's two pages, fill in your list totals, and mail it to Canadian Listers' Corner, Box 293, 483 Main Street, Lawrencetown, NS B0S 1M0, the address on page two. To view the old form you will need Adobe Reader, free software everyone should have on their systems anyway. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, download it free from Adobe by clicking on the icon - Adobe Reader Download.

However the more recently developed data reporting forms are no longer available because your compiler no longer has the software to easily use them. He can still view the .xml files but can no longer use them as forms; which makes them a time-consuming pain in the neck to compile.

Again, the easiest method for both of us will be to simply send your changes as specified in the first paragraph.

Canadian Listers' Corner Ancient Data Report Form

Old-style Data Report Form - Page 1
Old-style Data Report Form - Page 2

Privacy Statement: Information submitted on these forms will not be disseminated to any third parties, only used to produce the next issue of Canadian Listers' Corner.

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